#146964  by Hamaede
 Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:00 pm
Sorry to bring up a dead topic but I am having an issue.

I'm just asking for a range of opinions on this one, as I really don't know what to think, what's right, what's acceptable, etc.

My CH boiler and HW system packed up and I got three quotes for the work, all said it would be 4 hours work, all quoted $500 including materials costing $200.

One of them did the job today. The job took 90 minutes but the charge was still $500. Therefore, I just paid him $200 an hour.

If workmen charge a job rate and not an hourly rate, why when they come to give a quote do they say how many hours it will take them, then multiply that by their hourly rate?

Have I just been "done over" or is this just the usual practice?
 #146976  by mattn
 Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:48 am
When you accept a quote, you agreed to pay him a fixed amount to do the job. The tradesman is taking on the risk and responsibility for unforeseen costs and time a job might take. Its unreasonable to accept a quote then quibble it should be less because it took a shorter time. If you wanted to receive the benefit if a job go wells, you should get the work undertaken on the basis of time and materials, but you also accept the cost is variable. You cannot have it both ways.

As you had three quotes, the amount charged was almost certainly reasonable for a fixed price job.
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