#146826  by vansvilla
 Sat Dec 01, 2018 1:00 am
So, if you Google Work safe, gas appliances you will get the Work safe energy site.
Play around in there and you will come across lots of info.
Have the model number available. There is a place you can search the database.
If not there is always the option of e mailing them direct for a decision.

My research some years ago when looking to find a replacement heater for my bus found that Attwood were no longer available in NZ as Attwood didn't think the cost of NZ certification was worth the outlay given the number they sold here.
I found one eventually but it took a lot of searching country wide.
And don't ask me, OK. :TU
 #146838  by Minnie
 Sat Dec 01, 2018 2:09 pm
PJO wrote:
Fri Nov 30, 2018 4:47 pm
I thought this would be a simple yes or no but it seems more complicated.
Reading the writing on "Supplier Declaration of Compliance" it states that "Installers must ensure there is a declaration or carry a gas safety compliance mark before they install such a gas appliance." My heater has the declaration which has its Make,series and model number and I think this should be the information the gas-fitter needs before installing it .
I thought there must be a data base that gas-fitters can refer to so they know what complies and what does not, I assumed it would be the GASD Data base which would also let the public check whether an appliance complies before they buy it, now I am not sure!
Yes, this is the database that gasfitters are required to refer to.

Ten years ago when you got your appliance, the gas regs said the appliance supplier must make the declaration before selling it and the gasfitter couldn't install it unless it had a declaration, notwithstanding that they still had to make their own assessment within their competency as a licensed, registered tradesman (in those days they were known as craftsman gasfitters).

But a lot of suppliers couldn't be arsed providing a good declaration (your Atwood one being a prime example) so the rules were tightened up. Today, the supplier's appliance must be certified to one of a list of standards in the regs, the supplier must include a copy of that certification in their declaration and they must stick the flame logo sticker on the appliance to indicate it complies.

The gasfitter can install if it has the sticker or failing that a declaration on the database. In theory the gasfitter could install the Atwood because there is a declaration for it. But a savvy gasfitter might question how good the declaration is given the lack of detail.

An even more savvy gasfitter will determine that it has North American ANSI certification (the appliance's data plate will show that) but he will also know that the ANSI certification will be for propane only and there is no guarantee that appliance will run well on NZ's propane and butane mix. (The current rules require that there is additional butane test for North American appliances).

For current appliances the flame logo sticker should assure retailers; gasfitters and consumer that the appliance complies (provided the supplier has actually followed the rules).
 #146843  by PJO
 Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:07 pm
Thanks for that Minnie, it explains the way the "certification" has changed over the years and why it is complicated.
I am surprised that we have moved away from whether the heater has a certificate of compliance to if a gas-fitter would be comfortable fitting it. I would have thought with a large company like Atwood there would be no doubt about its safety. They are exported all over the world and must be have been used with mixed gases .
While googling it I have come across this http://rvdreams.co.nz/post/Atwood-RV-Wa ... 2L-Gas230V which is identical to my one and leads me to believe that this water heater is still being sold in NZ.
I am finding out much more than I ever wanted to know about water heaters. It seems that Dometic now owns Atwood which is why the brand name is disappearing from the market!
 #146881  by Minnie
 Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:07 am
PJO wrote:
Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:07 pm
I would have thought with a large company like Atwood there would be no doubt about its safety. They are exported all over the world and must be have been used with mixed gases .
But there's the rub PJO.

Atwood may very well produce what appear to be identical appliances for say the American and European markets. The American appliance will be certified for propane gas while the European one will be certified to a propane/butane gas mix not unsimilar to our own.

These two appliances may be identical in every aspect (jetting; combustion aeration; gas pressures; etc). But they may not. Nobody knows except the manufacturer!

And if they are different, running an appliance on a gas that it is not certified to may or may not be a safety issue. Again, no one really knows.

You spoke earlier of the consumer being able to seek reassurance that the product is suitable for use in NZ. The new system attempts to do this by making the NZ supplier provide proof from the manufacturer unlike the older system that didn't put such an obligation on the NZ supplier.
 #146900  by PJO
 Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:51 pm
I do get what you say, I guess I am just trying to make a case that my heater applies as I am reluctant to throw away a brand new heater.
My heater has the model number GCH6R-10E / 91249 which is the one named on the declaration (GCH6R-10E / 91248 is the american model I have discovered)
The declaration also states
Fuel Type- General Product LPG (as per NZS 5435: NZ Specification for LPG)
I appreciate the comments as if I am to try and convince a gasfitter I need to be aware of all the reasons why he would think this is not safe
 #146901  by Nut17
 Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:14 am
Traillite used Atwood water heaters right across their range up until about 5 years ago. They may be worth contacting to help clarify this.
 #146907  by mattn
 Tue Dec 04, 2018 8:45 am
Back to the original post - who made that assertion it was not able to be installed and what was their motivation for providing the information.

Maybe they were wrong.
 #146945  by PJO
 Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:39 pm
It was an employee in an RV shop and I was skeptical about this information. He could have been trying to sell me a newer water heater or simply have been uninformed.
I had found the Declaration of Compliance which describes my heater exactly and has the status of "Current" which I thought would make it acceptable to install.
http://www.energysafety.govt.nz/gasd-vi ... ionid=5894
I was hoping that someone on this forum could give a definite answer before I do anything else, but as with so many things it is not that simple
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