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 #148079  by petercw
 Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:32 pm
Question.. If it's ok for tent campers to shower and toss out their clothes washing water, drop their shower water, and throw out their coffee water to the general ground.. Can we as csc MH people toss out our freshly used basin water, coffee water, etc.. Anywhere.. Doc, reserves, council Parks, etc.. as do tent campers.
Not talking of grey tanked water, just your justed used water.
Really just a thought question as we rarely do this being csc.
 #148092  by Mark
 Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:02 pm

Looking at the bigger picture - is it worth risking our current slim welcome around the country by having the public see CSC vehicle occupants doing the same as sleeper-van and tent dwellers?

It's the look of it.

Some of us have spent countless hours making submissions to councils trying to differentiate between CSC vehicles and non-CSC vehicles: saying that we are not the same and we contain all our waste, so they should allow us to stay at many more locations than they allow non-CSC to stay.

I, for one, would be highly p*****d off if any of us wantonly damaged that point of difference that has been hard-won.
And why? Why would you even do that?
 #148099  by Skiwi
 Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:32 am
I agree, regardless of the negligible environmental impact, the social impact will most likely be negative. That has implications for all campers.

I'm even aware of the perception of others when I'm brushing the bread crumbs off my plate or throwing the teacup dregs out :roll:

 #148102  by Nut17
 Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:46 am
I can already see the "curtain twitchers" salivating at the opportunity to report such an action.
Realistically, the volume of water carried, stored and used by people in tents is a drop in the bucket (excuse the pun) compared to those travelling in rigs with fresh and grey tanks - And then there is the number of mobile rigs compared to the relatively small number of tenter's who are usually only around for the main holiday period.
I agree with Mark in that we have come a long hard fought way to get where we are with self containment. It would be extremely foolhardy to put this hard won ground at risk.
 #148105  by petercw
 Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:08 am
I'm sure we've seen other cscs doing this, so perhaps it's time for nzmca to reiterate in their next mag that the only thing that is ok to toss is the dregs of your coffee or tea cup to the ground and that all other waste should be retained within the vehicle complex.
So whoes got a slogan...
Don't toss the baby out with the bath water, won't work...
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