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 #148110  by Skiwi
 Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:05 am
Don't even get me started on shaking the whiskers out of my razor..... :lol:
 #148116  by roader
 Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:15 am
Having parked in many csc areas and watch many so called vehicles csc occupiers making a run for the bushes early morning I think the csc standards are lacking any punch as no one is policing it very well a little dish water on ground or around trees in summer is better the the other stuff in the bushes
 #148302  by Derb
 Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:26 am
I agree with Mark in that we have come a long hard fought way to get where we are with self containment. It would be extremely foolhardy to put this hard won ground at risk.

 #148306  by NeilV
 Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:04 am
I agree with the crowd here, Nowa days get tetchy with my kids chucking their Apple cores and banana skins in the bushes when we are nowhere near the MH. :lol:

That said, I also have an ‘outside shower’ fitted (for sluicing the young ’uns off when they come up off the beach) and have often received chuckles and complements from Joe Public for the idea, but I’d never dream of using it in a sealed parking or area, so location counts too?
as others have said... I guess it’s the ‘appearance’ that counts as much as the ‘law’.
 #148307  by petercw
 Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:08 am
Council's and doc have outdoor showers so I see no problem with that, and we have one too.. fresh water straight from the tank to the ground, via the salty body on the way.
 #148759  by NeilV
 Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:39 am
The local version of that is called RCA “responsible Campers Association” who are seeking (rightly I feel) to push the onus onto the person instead of the vehicle... basically via education and a pledge to do the right thing. ... 3uTPjqT5eo
 #148845  by Derb
 Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:47 am
I have just read this blurb through. I cannot see that this scheme has any more merit than the existing CSC scheme and has possibly less teeth. It provides a warm fuzzy exclusion clause so that people can chose a form of self-containment which fits their needs? The same campers which are flouting the existing CSC regs/requirements will still do as they please with this new lot. Why reinvent the wheel? Someone will likely be selling new stickers on social media pretty sharpish anyway🙄
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