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Re: Dump Stations

Postby Rosemary&Peter » Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:44 pm

Just goes to show....one man's poison is another's meat.

There are so many Dump Stations that are SO awful, that when I no longer care about consequences I'm going to visit them with incendiary devices :lol: :lol:

So I thought I'd list my favourites....

I thought I recalled having a rave about the Dump Station at Ngongotaha...in the midst of my rant about wheelchair access. :roll:


That AND Bruce Pullham...great facilities IMHO. Whangarei, by the water treatment plant...should be the standard for ALL Dump points. The other day I managed to fill my water tanks and do the dump thing simultaneously AND hygienically. :TU

Kaitaia PDS...brilliant, and for those with issues regarding proximity to potable water supply...no problems...no water supply here.

We have fixed black and grey tanks with valterra fittings. I have got quite a long waste hose, with a plain pipe fitting on the dump end.

AND....I ALWAYS check that the Dump is draining before I open the slide fully... ;)

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