DIY solar install guide

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Re: DIY solar install guide

Postby NeilV » Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:58 pm

So I e finally wired up the 2x250w panels, on the PWM controller, and as I run my batteries at 24v this should work at a nominal 16A...

I eagerly awaited the figures, and the voltages on open circuit read 45v so wiring was good (about a 2.5-3m total run) but amps hovered at 1-2?

Ok so it was only 8am, slightly cloudy... I checked over and over as the day went on and my Max (ever) was 5.4A :shock:

This troubled me greatly, especially on the next day when all was bright and sunny.... Until I realised the voltage was sitting on 27.7 :TU , my designated float voltage, and never dropping lower than 25.9 overnight with the compressor fridge running, I think I'll need to install the tv/sat and dvd before ever seeing the benefits of my 500w? :-T

Will find some shields CAT5 and install my "very cheap battery monitor" (already added the 100A shunt when wiring the PWM) and maybe then get to see what's really happening
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Re: DIY solar install guide

Postby Neddy » Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:46 am

NeilV wrote: Think I'll need to install the tv/sat and dvd before ever seeing the benefits of my 500w?

Neil, those additions will do little to tap into the "surplus" power of your solar panels.
That will likely take Winter sunlight levels and/or a "deep South" location.
With an adequately specced system like yours, you really can stop worrying about your House battery power supply.


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