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New Website

Postby Mark » Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:37 pm

Hi All

I have loaded most of a new website up to the server this afternoon.
All that is left is the Forum (gulp :? ).
I hope to load the new forum page this evening and so, in case things don't go smoothly, I'll warn you now that there might be some problems.

Even with the new site loaded, please be aware that it is still a "work in progress".

I hope that you don't find the ads too intrusive. I'm not allowed to encourage you to click on them but I hope that Google will do it's thing properly and present some options that you'll find of genuine interest.

This is an interim measure to tide us over until I can seek interest from some companies who may be interested in "sponsoring" us.

Anyway. No more until the deed is done - hopefully before bedtime tonight :)

Just done a test and found that IE doesn't display the Chat page correctly (surprise surprise :evil: ) so for those of you who are still putting up with IE, either don't click the Chat link or, if you do, you'll have to click the "back" button to get out. (Do yourself (and me!) a favour and download a free copy of Firefox or Chrome - the world will be a better place :))
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Re: New Website

Postby RaymonD » Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:57 pm

Well done Mark, IE wot's that :?: :D


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