#137841  by mwthomas
 Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:33 am
Hi all,
We are looking to import a Motorhome from the UK in the next few months.
Currently we have a gas heating system installed but due the the issues of running LPG in the cold (& the amount of gas we could use) we are considering whether to also install a supplementary diesel heater & keep the gas for hot water & cooking!

Are there any particular makes that are popular in NZ?
A few I've been looking at are:
- MV Airo
- Webasto
- Eberspächer
Any recommendations or thoughts would be appreciated.
- One concern is the draw on the leisure batteries. We are running off of 2 x 80 amp batteries with 1 x 100w Solar panel. We ideally want to be off grid (as it were) as much a possible but we're not sure how practical that will be (i.e lack of sun to charge batteries)
- Any idea of cost to include fitting? (We may consider installing in the UK as this could be easier/cheaper!)

Obviously this is going to be an additional outlay but with the price of diesel compared to LPG in NZ would we eventually see a return in the investment?

We will be living in the motor home in the south Island for around 6 months during the coldest time of the year so would this be your suggestion instead of dealing with the risk of gas issues due to cold temps & remove what could be endless trips to change out LPG bottles!!

Many thanks,
 #137849  by rawill
 Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:58 am
And these heaters have about a 4 amp draw until they get up to temperature, then cut back to 1 amp or less.

So you might like to factor that in with your other electrical needs and work out if you have enough capacity. Especially during an overcast week in the South Island, which sometimes happens.
 #138265  by kevingallag1
 Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:42 pm
Hi there, I'm an Eberspacher diesel heating engineer living in Rangiora. I tried importing from various countries. When you add shipping and GST it works out roughly the same. I do an install, service and repair also. Call me on 0275014253 Kevin if interested in a pro job. Cheers
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