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 #78478  by hort1
 Sun Jul 27, 2014 5:48 pm
What do you think of this for a bike rack for a caravan :?:
We have been thinking of joining the bike ridding brigade so will need some means of transporting the bikes.
I am wondering if they would restrict turning, do others transport on the draw bar. :?: ... 474891.htm

 #78481  by mattn
 Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:04 pm
I have one installed on my Fleetwood - (re-branded Adria Adora). As its a European van it has a longer draw bar than most UK vans meaning there is plenty of room and no interference when turning (Ball to locker door is 1350mm). Previous to this I carried the bikes inside the caravan, and toyed will lots of options before the rack i have came up on TM at a "what have I got to loose" price. Now I am looking at how to transport 4 bikes - I expect roof racks are the only option. A rear rack on the van would mean 60kg of bikes and carriers - eating into my 250kg payload and weight distributed where it far from ideal.

Installation is easy enough - I had to drill though the plastic draw bar cover and then extend the metal brackets as the fittings the rack comes with wee not wide enough with the draw bar cover (Newer models might have solved this)

The main drawback I have is access to the front locker is impossible with the bikes on, and difficult with the bikes removed. Even if you remove the support, the two rails make lifting a gas bottle in or such like in a little more difficult. There is a model that tilts forward to help solve this problem though, and could be worth investigation. The model displayed needs a bit more forward planning when packing - things you need like power leads and leveling blocks I used to carry in the front locker I now carry in the tug. The main issue is when I forget to turn the gas off before loading the bikes. Another drawback is the bikes pickup road grime and dirt - especially if raining. I don;t worry about a cover, but if you have $5K machines you may want them elsewhere or to cover them.

One advantage is I can see the bikes though the rear window - something I like.

The Alko hitch is rated for 100kg ball load, so with the bikes on the rack (about 30kg) I tend to target the upper end and go for about 95kg when loading - Tug can handle the weight anyway.

Overall, despite the drawbacks, I highly recommend this rack, especially on a single axle. If I had a tandem axle, I would probably go for a rear rack.
 #78487  by Nut17
 Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:03 pm
Hi Warwick, we are in the middle of this decision making quandary as well. As we do not have a rear mounted spare on our new van, we will opt for either a Fiamma or Thule rear mount rack. We will get this factory installed so that the necessary strengthened areas can be done during the build. We have friends with a 23' Sterling with a Fiamma A frame rack and it works well apart from the frustration caused by limited access to the front boot.
 #78489  by vansvilla
 Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:09 pm
Supacheap sell a bike rack which will allow you to carry bikes on the tow vehicle yet allows you to tow your caravan as well.
It is an "H" bracket bolted under the towball, then the carrier affixes to that bracket.
Very simple, allows you to take the bikes away without the caravan.
 #152939  by camandsandy
 Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:17 pm
Hi there - I know your post was several years ago, but just wondering vansvilla if you have any more info on the bike rack you mentioned? I tried searching Supercheap but could not find anything. Thanks
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