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 #151882  by Nut17
 Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:45 pm
Have the brakes settled in OK Andrew?
 #152019  by Andrew and Debbie
 Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:03 pm
Yes, Chris, the brakes are working fine.

After reading on here about the issues Chris had with the Alko electric brakes in his caravan, I thought maybe the lack of brakes on our caravan might be for the same reason. First thing i did was adjust the brakes up, they needed quite a bit of adjustment. But that made no difference.

So after reading about the apparently faulty magnets that were fitted to some Alko brake setups about 4-5 years ago, I went to Repco and purchased 4 replacement magnets. After fitting the first new magnet, I carried out a very unscientific experiment comparing the old and new magents lifting a 12 inch crescent spanner. The old magnet did lift it, but the new magnet was much better, I couldn't get the spanner of it without disconnecting the power. And the new one drew more amps than the old one.

So after fitting the 4 new magnets and re-adjusting the brakes again, the caravan brakes worked really well. In fact I had to adjust the maximum voltage at the brake controller right back to prevent wheel lockups.

So after a trip up the Coromandel last weekend I am much happier with the brake's performance. The magnets, faulty or not, are after all, a wear item like the brake shoes, and need replacing periodically.

 #152024  by Nut17
 Fri Jun 07, 2019 1:35 pm
Thanks for the update Andrew. You have now been officially delegated as our "Guru" on AlKo electric brakes :-T ;) :)
 #152961  by Andycap
 Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:19 pm
Took the c/van to the local weighbridge to get some accurate figure on weights . All weights well within stipulated limits so happy with that .Towed with NO safety chains on ,as per the discussions , felt apprehensive this first time though . :TU
 #153098  by Drifting
 Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:13 pm
Attacked the Gas Cooker Burner Caps.(Smev 403 4 burnner) Majority of the screws were seized. Had to drill the heads off and use some penetrating oil to loosen up the screws. Using my vice grips to screw the leftover screw bits out. Oops, need some replacement screws now but i do have 2 old ones for a sample. Can get similar replacements from the UK but will try a local source first.
Also gave the top a good wipe.
Early start to Spring Cleaning.
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