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Travel Stories - guidelines

PostPosted:Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:42 pm
by Mark
We have decided to open this forum, on a trial basis, for those who wish to share any interesting Kiwi travel stories.
Anyone wanting to post stories should start their own thread and post all stories as multiple posts into that thread.
Do not start new threads for subsequent stories.
It is hoped that people will try to ensure that their stories are entertaining and snappy.
No-one wants to read rambling, long-winded stuff. (We thought of putting a word limit on but had no word-counter volunteers ;) )
TIP: Check to see how many people are reading your thread to see whether you need to adjust your style or content :)
Feel free to link pics into your story to add some spice (but please, don't over-do them. Maybe no more than 1 pic per 200 words or so)

This forum is not for links to already existing blogs - I can place those on our Links page if you ask me.

Lets see if we can create a really interesting sub-forum