#33982  by Mark
 Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:01 pm
We need to be collecting information that we can use when we put together submissions to Local Authorities (LA), DOC and Conservation Boards (CB). It will be most convenient if this is all assembled here in the one sub-forum.

The information could be from Council websites, newspapers, personal/email requests etc.
It would include current camping bylaws, reserve management plans, Council agendas, reports from staff, minutes, submissions from other parties.

Anyone can contribute to any LA as long as it is confirmed with a source reference etc. If the source material is copyable then should be copied rather than linked so as to ‘memorialise’ it in case someone changes the website etc.

A separate thread should be started for each entity (LA, DOC or CB). Before submitting a NEW thread, please search to make sure one has not already been started. There will be around 80 threads for 80 entities - so we don't want duplication.
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