#55391  by NZMCA RMC
 Wed May 29, 2013 9:50 am
Hi everyone,

The TCDC is calling for submissions on its Tairua/Pauanui and Whangamata Reserve Management Plan (RMP) reviews. To view these proposals please follow this link - http://www.tcdc.govt.nz/haveyoursay

Submissions close 17 July 2013, with hearings held 31 July.

When assessing freedom camping opportunities on reserves we have to look at it through the Reserves Act (1977) lens, which at present automatically prohibits camping on a reserve unless specifically allowed for within an RMP. That doesn't mean TCDC will automatically gain access to the Freedom Camping Acts infringement regime if an area is not permitted - the area must still be lawfully identified within their bylaws.

I have yet to read the draft RMPs as I wanted to give plenty of notice. I suggest that if there is scope for freedom camping on a particular reserve within these RMPs that you identify suitable sites (e.g. carparks) and submit a recommendation to Council. TCDC's Economic Development Manager overseeing these reviews is asking motorhomers to identify suitable sites so that he can make favourable recommendations to his superiors.

I guess the onus is on us (the industry) to make suggestions.

Kind regards,
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