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 #98893  by Rovers
 Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:27 am
Shellie, once again a lovely blog on a fantastic part of our fair country, I can see a book in the offing because your photos are magic.

keep it up
 #98927  by Rocky
 Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:18 pm
As usual Shellie great story telling and photography. In my late 20's we went fishing from Oamaru to Lake Benmore
On our way home decided to go to Dansey's Pass pub for a drink (yea i know). After 3 days and trip through Ranfurly, back home over the pig route to our wives............. :evil: :x :o
 #98953  by FlyingKiwiGirl
 Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:25 am
Thanks Les, great story- bet you were on household chores and trying to earn brownie points for months afterwards! Must be the adventure in kiwis- as a teenager we used to drive to Taupo (from Napier) on a Friday night for a burger (and a sly drink) before returning before curfew!
 #98999  by UBIQUE
 Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:46 pm
Loved your blog and the memories it brought out. I travelled that road from Duntroon in the mid 1970's when the hotel was owned by an elderly and friendly couple called Fred and Ida. I worked for the breweries then, and was installing some equipment in the hotel. When I drew up outside the hotel Ida came out and asked where I had come from, I told her and she rushed back in to phone her son.

He farmed the Duntroon end of the pass and had seen me pass, however he was unable to stop me and warn that the road was blocked by snow! I found that out over the next few hours of sweat, but I was in my twenties, bullet proof, and had a shovel.

Incidentally, Fred and his son with some friends did a great of the renovations work to the hotel. I seem to remember it was in a poor state of repair when they bought it, and it was certainly not looking its best when I first seen it, however when they had finished it...and coupled with their friendliness . It was fantastic. :)

 #99006  by FlyingKiwiGirl
 Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:10 pm
Thanks Ubique, pleased you enjoyed it too. I bet the road was a lot rougher in the '70s never mind the snow. The pub had a lovely welcoming feel about it with a large roaring fire blasting away but as the manager's husband told us (after he came driving like a bat out of hell down a track to see who had stopped) they don't get too many people through in the winter. We later met an old timer at the Royal in Naseby who was the nearest neighbour to the Dansey Pass Hotel, he'd sold his farm and just had his house and an acre of land, got by on gold dust, literally. The Royal was now his 'local' (30kms), he'd had a falling out with the manager and 'would never set foot in there again!'
 #99018  by UBIQUE
 Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:41 am
FlyingKiwiGirl wrote: bet the road was a lot rougher in the '70s
It may have been, but from your photos it more or less looks the same barren and lonely place I remember. I don't mean that in any ugly sense, I always though it had a sort of haunted beauty, and in those years I travelled it a few times, sometimes with my wife and children along for adventure and for company.

But now....the photos, the memories and your blog makes me want to travel it again. Regretfully my wife has passed, my children have grown up, and my grand children are teenagers with teenagers things to do. So come the summer or the autumn, I will travel it one more time and I can always pretend they are with me again :)

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