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 #87712  by Neddy
 Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:30 pm
Ken, you need a security policy and some equipment. Know what you will and won't do, where you will and won't park. Keep within your self-prescribed limits and relax. Everyone has a different take on this issue, eg only parking near other vehicles or houses, etc. I don't worry much at all - but the copilot does, generally insisting on Cellphone coverage. The following are the steps I have taken to make us a harder target.

A vehicle is a fairly secure environment, but breaking the driver's window, reaching in and unlocking the door gives relatively easy entry. This is the Achilles Heel of most vehicles, the point most vulnerable to forced entry. There is, however, a very simple solution to this problem - one that has the effect of turning the driver's door lock into a dead-bolt, making it virtually impossible to open the door (from inside or out) without a key. All you do is lock the door and then remove the locking knob. It is easily unscrewed from its threaded shaft and can be hidden in the vehicle or taken with you. If the bare shaft should protrude slightly above the door surround, it can easily be shortened such that it is impossible to pull without the plastic knob - even long-nosed pliers won't do it.
Another of advantage of this simple fix is that the absence of the knob should be quite obvious to observant felons and hopefully they should be able to conclude that their preferred "modus operandi" will not work in this instance. Of course nothing can stop a miscreant breaking a window, but having done so, this does deprive them of easy access into the vehicle. It would be quite difficult to climb in through a broken window that is nearly 2 meters above the ground - especially if the occupants were intent on deterring this by means of the vigorous application of a very handy piece of sporting equipment to the head of the would-be climber.
We do have a very vigilant little dog with excellent hearing guarding that end of the bus.
Finally, we have secret "response of last resort" capability, but it wouldn't be secret if I told you about it.

We have an alarm system that is triggered by any door being opened, any window breakage, the vehicle being bumped, the ignition being turned on or any alarm wire being cut. The alarm triggers a siren and strobe lights. It is set and disabled by remote controls using "rolling" codes.
The alarm can also be manually triggered directly from the remote controls. We also have a "Panic Button" by the bed which triggers a completely separate siren and strobe lights. One alarm system runs on our 24 volt engine electrics, the other on our 12 volt House electrics giving a useful degree of redundancy. I would hope that the window wouldn't be broken in the first place, but if it was, I reckon that the resultant "sound and light show" ought to discourage most villains from persevering with their entry attempt.


In the immortal words of Alfred E. Neuman "What - Me worry?"
 #87733  by Oscar
 Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:37 pm
We have been camping where we like for 23 years when it was freedom camping, not the new restricted camping that's called freedom camping. The only time I had the need to deal with some riff raff was in Chch when our back window was smashed, glass all over us. I jumped out of bed and chased the little picks, the one I caught he looked really terrified then I realised why, I was naked. Do something unexpected and the cowards will run.
We have always had a gun in the bus for shooting bunnies and the like and that gives you a certain piece of mind as well.
 #95059  by WoodyZ
 Sun Jun 14, 2015 9:14 pm
Last night at Horahora Domain at 3am, three cars drove rather loudly into the domain, one of them did a couple of donuts then they all roared off again. I thought they may have hung around for longer but maybe the fact that there were at least 7 vans parked up there made them think better of it.
 #95080  by Mark S.
 Mon Jun 15, 2015 3:00 pm
23 years of parking in some out of the way spots, and one fright, which turned out to be us frightened, not them doing the frightening. A bright torch and an old rod handle is our protection and as of two years ago a good cell phone. We too are now in our 70s but if they think they are going to ruin our lifestyle then they better think again.
Do not ever present a rifle as even if its unloaded its an offence and you will have a record, no rifle or licence and a huge fine.
We do park facing forward and will use Buzz as a battering ram if required, but as hes nearly 30 himself it might be a lost cause.
Hope you loved Tora as we did, so remote, windswept and beautiful and scenery not usually found in N.I.
 #95705  by taffy
 Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:17 pm
probability coming into this too late to be of any immediate use, but coming from the electrical industry, which also covers a lot of security I thought I'd add my tuppenceworth :D

The pertinent points to be aware of IMO

If you have a weapon then you must first be able to use it, and willing to, and be expert enough in it's use not to have it taken off you and used against you :o

If you feel that you are uncomfortable then why on earth are you staying there! I mean really, honestly!!

Scum, and that's what they are, will have no respect for you or your property. If things really did turn nasty, then you have to become more nasty and that will involve doing things that you never thought possible - if you are uncomfortable with this then see para above.

Disorientation is way better than using a weapon (vehicle or other?). A prison officer friend of mine once told me that when a 'customer' (yes they are referred to as customers) kicks off and barrages themselves in they use a dragon light to temporarily disable them. 1,000,000 candle watt of light tens to make even the most ardent of 'dick' to become confused. And of course during this confusion you can make good your escape. Same works for sound - only it works best in an enclosed space - outside the impact is lost. However if you were to make good your escape and have a siren sounding then you will attract the attention of all and sundry :roll:

And of course good old cellphone. If in doubt call 111.

Lastly, get a dog! :twisted: you'll be amazed how many scumbags hate being bitten, even a ankle biter is annoying.

But above all else if you think it's iffy then why o why are you staying there.

And really lastly, remember the fear of danger is far greater than danger itself. Ask yourself when was the last time you found yourself in a situation where you were in fear for your life, or for that mater when was a friend of yours. Thankfully we live in a more peaceful society than programs like Poilce10/7, road cops, etc would have us believe.
 #95834  by Zukiwi
 Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:26 pm
Wise words.

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