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 #2018  by Mark
 Fri Nov 28, 2008 2:36 pm
It's almost that time again. This newsletter is a little early as we will be out of communication for a week.

While not yet at the end of the month, it is clear that the frenetic increase in member numbers has slowed dramatically: from 112 - 163 last month (46%) to 163 - 191 this month - an increase of just 17%. It looks too as if the traffic on the site will be down slightly on last month. Maybe as summer arrives we are spending more time out there doing it rather than just reading about it on the forum. The latest hit from an unexpected quarter was from Syria. There is a solid core of 20-25 members who log on to the forum every day.

I have continued communications with the NZMCA with a view to persuading them to lift their ban on our forum members seeking to inform NZMCA members of the forum's existence. It appears that they are still confusing this with NZMCA support of the forum. (I find it curious, as thjis position implies that for all of the letters they do print, espousing the virtues of various garages about the country, the NZMCA itself is offering it's own personal support - but don't get me started!). And Dick even joined up (after I had exhorted him to see for himself what a non-threatening group we are), which elicited a flurry of welcoming messages from you - none of which he has been able to read since he has not visited again. Maybe the crux of the matter has been exposed when he revealed that
Somewhere “down the track” we will open our own (NZMCA) forum internet with paid advertisers and web sponsors.

Forum Decals
I gave a rough for the decal design to my graphics man who promised to have a design to me by "the end of the week". This was, I think, 3 weeks ago. One of the problems of having a friend do stuff for you is that it is difficult to put pressure on them for a result :( It's looking less likely now that I will be able to distribute them before Christmas and then we will be on the road for 3 months from mid January. That makes it all look pretty difficult.

I have finished adding the Truck Stops for Caltex and Shell for both islands and have had some good feedback on corrections needed from a couple of members. If I'm honest I must say, given that we will be away for 3 months, that not much more is likely to be added until next winter.

On a personal note - if anyone has been following the saga - we are now "cautiously optimistic" that the leaky roof is behind us :)

This may be the last Newsletter until, maybe April, unless someone else wants to have a go in the interim?
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