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 #60094  by Hillbilly'N
 Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:34 pm
Hi There,

I have just bought a 1999 NZ New Suzuki Jimny which i pick up tomorrow. It came with an A-Frame and has all the lights and so on connected so that you can just plug in and use the Suzukis lights which i thought was a great idea. Question is since looking into the towing situation with the Jimny's there seems to be NO CLEAR answer as to what can and cant be done. The web is full of ideas of what can and cant be done and i wanted to hear from anyone who actually has a 99 Jimny or has also done huge amounts of homework to find this answer.

Granted i never took note of the 4wd selector, but from what i have read i believe these cars dont have a true netural?? Is this the case and if so can anyone who has this jimny and has or does flat tow ( all four wheels on the ground) tell me any issues they have come across or any other usefull info.

Im not retired and do not expect to tow long distances around the country. It was a case of a trip now and then if i was pulling up for a week somewhere i could take the car and use it for river runs and a bit of playing...Mostly into he fishing seen. It will have a 40mm spring lift and most likely 215x75x15 tyres but that is it, so no real major mods at all.

Can this be towed yes or no? I just cant seem to get a straight answer. I would say if towing i would be going from ChCh to Tekapo or Twizel before i would run the suzuki....Is this ok if able to tow?

Anyone able to help or view there points would be soooooo appreciated.

Many thanks
 #60096  by cherokee94nz
 Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:49 pm
Is it a manual or automatic.
 #60099  by mattn
 Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:26 pm
Found this ....
For example, Suzuki Australia advise that the current model Jimny 4x4 (aus' 1999) should not be towed on its own 4 wheels.
And this on another site (my bold)
Yes, a modification is now available to allow the towing of a Suzuki Jimny. Please contact your nearest Hitch n Go agent for further details.
From the sound of it the oil pump in the transfer box is not being driven when under tow, but the bits are spinning at full speed. My guess is the mod gets the oil flowing with either an external pump or something that changes where its connected.

Although not authoritative, the link has one of the best discussions I have ever seen on towing a 4x4, backed by the second bit, it seems doing so with the Jimmy would be unwise (without the mod). My guess is it is one of those things that you might get away with, will probably wear things out quicker than normal, and you just and might not at all. The manufacturer is not prepared to risk it, so says don't. Chances are the information that says you can do it comes from those that did and had not problems (got lucky or sold it soon enough to some poor sucker....) and the information that says you cannot comes from the manufacturer.
 #60110  by Zukiwi
 Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:46 pm
Not entirely correct mattn. I have a 2008 Jimny with the push button 4WD/tx selector, so no neutral tx case position. Before I bought it I consulted a large regional Suzuki agent who, in turn, asked Suzuki NZ. Their advice was that it was OK to flat tow and would not void the warranty (I bought it new), providing the engine was run for a few minutes every 200-250km to lubricate the tx case and gearbag. If the 1999 model has a lever selector with a neutral position, then it should be even less of an issue. I have towed my Jimny for approx 20K km now over 4 years with no problems. Just my experience.

James - just be aware that if your towing vehicle is 24V you will need an adaptor for your towing plug so you only feed 12V to the Zuki's lights. I use an Adaptrix, made in Paeroa, which takes the place of the regular trailer light socket and works just fine. But don't overload it - from memory it only handles 10W which is fine for tail, turn and stop lights. But if you do what I did and leave the 2x 50W driving lights on (activated when the side lights are on) then you WILL cook it. Not an issue with most Jimnys as only the top spec ones have driving lights.

 #60112  by david 60
 Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:24 pm
hi, give Suzuki nz a ring, ask for a guy named Rodney regarding A framing. if you give him your reg plate number he will tell you yes or no. cheers david
 #60121  by mattn
 Fri Aug 30, 2013 9:56 am
Would you have a shot at running the engine with no oil pump?
Flat Towing has the same effect on some designs of gearbox and 4x4 systems, and its clear some Jimnys have this design and some don't.
OK - I admit engines break sooner with more fanfare with no oil than gear boxes, so its not quite t he same.....

Be careful that you are not shopping for the answer you want to hear, it could get expensive. Not saying don't flat tow the Jimny, just suggesting you do it with your eyes open. I am far from an expert, but I have been around 4x4 for years, and your 1999 machine is not like the rough agricultural machine that was built to be used and abused that 4x4's once were. It used to be said the only auto you could flat tow was Suzuki's, and they were also the only 4x4 small and light enough to A-Frame behind many motor homes, so they gained a reputation for being good for A Framing. That reputation lives on, the cars have changed......
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