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 Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:03 pm
Naki585 wrote:Hi.
I have read that 2 x 6 volt batteries in series is not a good idea due to the extra thickness of the plates. This causes the solar to burn too much energy to "excite" the thicker plates. This is called "warming the plates"

We have 2 x 6 volt batteries giving us 260ah and 240w solar and we are very happy with setup.

This is the OP above.

Neddy wrote:The question was on the wisdom or otherwise of putting 2 x 6 volt batteries in SERIES.

Actually, the question was on the wisdom of putting 2 x 6 volt batteries in series DUE TO THE THICKNESS OF THE PLATES.

If you had no other choice, the thickness of the plates would be irrelevant so long as it worked to some degree. But there are choices, so it is a fair assumption that the question actually means "due to the thickness of the plates compared to other options".

Now if I could quote yourself Neddy in your first response: "Since the initial premise that 6volt battery plates are thicker than equivalent 12v battery plates is WRONG, it is hardly worth going on to refute the other points."

Of course, the OP also stated he had 260 a/hr of batteries. To replace that with a single 12 volt battery would mean lugging around a 70kg battery of significant size. So to go the 12 volt option, many would parallel 2 x 130 a/hr batteries. In that case, your premise that there is no difference between a 12 volt or 6 volt system is not correct.

So I am simply answering the original question and responding to other posts.

And as for this condescending remark on Bushtracker,
Neddy wrote:I think he should now be referred to as a formerly well respected caravan builder!
. Arrogant don't you think.

 #101521  by WoodyZ
 Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:36 pm
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