Including self-containment
 #98708  by Nut17
 Wed Aug 26, 2015 5:45 pm
I have always been annoyed that the pump is noisy and has air in the system after being on the road. This can take two or three minutes to quieten down and expel the air from the system after setting up camp again. In an attempt to provide a solution to this problem, I fitted a small in line non return valve between the tank ant the pump on the suction line. This appeared to provide a great solution until we hooked up to a pressure feed while parked up at home. The pressure feed relies on the pump valves to prevent water passing through the pump and into the fresh tank while in this mode. As it turns out, a small quantity of water does seep past the pump under these circumstances but with my nifty non return valve in the line pressure slowly builds up in the pump housing resulting in a leak / flood overnight - "Bugger". I have now removed the offending non return valve and also have completed modification No 2 in this regard. I have re mounted the pump under the floor so that it will be in a "flood prime" location, minimise noise in the van and if it does leak the worst case scenario will be some watered grass.

 #98732  by beanpole
 Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:39 pm
Took a few reads to work this one out.
The non return valve was only fixing the effects of an air leak within the suction side of the pump. It was not fixing the cause. When pressurising the system from outside, the non return valve was the back stop for the outside pressure. The pump valves should not have leaked back but showed up as the original "air" leak on the suction side of the pump. Hence the noisy pump and air in the line.
Flooded suction is the best for a pump but I would be be fixing the leaking pump as well. Unless your home water pressure is too high?
 #98749  by Bearcraft
 Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:28 am
Now that you have mounted the pump outside the van be wary if you park the van up over winter as you could end up with a frozen pump with resulting damage to the pump innards. When I had my bus the pump was mounted outside and one of the frosts here in Kaiapoi froze the pump damaging the valves. After this I put valves in the system so that I could drain the pump when the bus was not in use.

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