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 #100712  by Mark
 Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:15 am
Hi Alec
Don't bin Windows 10 (yet).
Let's try some more to get you going.
I think this is the link that I found. ... artup.html
In trying to fix this I initially ended up with two logins (with the same name) and the system required me to select one and then log in. I think this was the link that sorted all of that out, including logging me in automatically.
I wouldn't set this up on my laptop, myself, because if it gets nicked (as mine did a couple of years ago) then they have immediate access to your stuff.

Let's know if this helps.
 #102014  by petercw
 Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:38 am
Copied from CNET info..

If you frequently run programs in administrator mode, dealing with the User Account Control (UAC) - the pop-up window that asks you if you're sure you want to let this program make changes to your computer - can get annoying. While you can set up specific programs to always run in administrator mode (thereby bypassing this pop-up), there's no easy, secure way to set up your computer so that all programs run in administrator mode.

Well, there is one way, but it's not secure. You can disable the User Account Control pop-ups altogether, but this is not recommended - not even for veteran PC tinkerers. The reason this is not recommended is because the UAC actually does serve an important purpose: It alerts you to any programs that might be trying to change your computer, including viruses and malware links you may have accidentally clicked on. If you disable the UAC completely and you're using an administrator account, any program that runs on your computer, including viruses and malware, will automatically have access to make changes to your PC. :o
 #102016  by NeilV
 Mon Nov 02, 2015 12:01 pm
But until Win7, that's how ALL home PC's worked, and the world still hasn't ended? :-T

personally i think the fear of virii is similar to the fear of terrorists, where a few relatively small, highly publicised catastrophes have lead to a worldwide overeaction into police state mentalities about travel.

Agreed, if you run a business and are legally liable for peoples information and account security then every precaution is valid... but as a home user... how many 'hackers' care about your data anyway?

I'm a rigid, multi-backup supporter, but crippling my computer use with UAC is just excessive to me. :ugeek:
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