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 #139914  by Skiwi
 Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:50 pm
An update...
Both CB and PRS are installed and working.

Taking into account what I’ve learned here and other places I intend to sit on 11 AM and 24 PRS while both traveling and stationary, and will put out one general “Gidday” call on channel 24 on arrival at my parking spots.
Feel free to yell out on either channel if you see me round the traps...

 #143436  by lorimar
 Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:43 pm
idex wrote:
Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:53 pm
We've got both AM and PRS in our motorhome and usually have them both on when travelling. Haven't heard from any passing motorhomes for years on CB, just the occasional truckers talking to each other and the road works traffic controllers. Leave it on Channel 11 most of the time, sometimes remember to scan Channel 15 as well.

I can't recall hearing anyone on PRS at all (usually stay on Channel 40), but it is handy to communicate with our handhelds sometimes. Even on a full continuous scan there's nothing. Mind you NZ is not really suited to PRS, with few repeaters and too many hills blocking the VHF signal. The AM CB has much better range and copes better with our topography.

I might have it all wrong though. Maybe we should organise a get-together for interested folk sometime so we can all get ourselves up to speed and have our gear working efficiently? It'd also be a good time to practise calling each other under guidance from some experienced users.
Hi, I am new to all this. Can anybody tell me which channels I should use ? NZMCA member
I am buying a pair of hand held
 #143447  by david 60
 Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:45 pm
i have just purchased a cb for the truck, i dont understand them at all not having had any prior interest in them, so relied on mobile system in mt maunganui to tell me what i needed and purchased on there adivce.
They are a big company with attractive prices, I paid $243 for currant Uniden + antennor already to plug in and go
My first question to him was what s the best cb, he said uhf and then explained why they are so much better, they are the lastest in all transmitting and receiving and are the future.
BUT he said no good for me because uhf can not talk to am and vice versa and seen as most of the trucking industry is on AM i will have to buy AM to be able to comunicate with vehicles i work with.
He said AM will be phased out by manufacturers ceasing to make them, so if you have a uhf and cant talk to anybody it may be that every one else is on AM cheers david
 #156057  by Skiwi
 Mon Oct 28, 2019 7:53 pm
So....after not seeing a low hanging branch reaching out into our lane I “wiped” our CB aerial off the top of the bus on the way to Jackson's Bay this weekend :?
Thankfully there was no other damage.

Since installing both CB formats and only ever making contact with truckers to arrange passing manoeuvres, I’ve changed how I use these.

I still sit on 11 AM, but now scan all 40 FM(uhf) channels. That way at least I occasionally hear something on our travels :)

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