Mobile internet, DVD, TV, SatNav, UHF/VHF etc
 #79925  by Doit
 Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:32 pm
TomTom for android is available as well. I have used it on my phone and tablet before I settled for IGo.
 #79926  by chip'n
 Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:08 pm
Yep I paid about $40 for my sygic on special, don't forget it is for multiple devices, as long as you register them with the same email addy, i have mine on phone & tablet, if you download it on the pc it should automatically make them available on your devices from memory.
 #80173  by Neddy
 Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:10 am
Good news! (well, time will tell of course, but news, at least).

At long last my "fence" in China came through with the goods and I am now in receipt of a (semi) official copy of iGo9 software and NZ maps. I am quite worried that I might be receiving goods knowing them to have been stolen and have consulted my lawyer at some length over this. In short, he said that technically I am in fact guilty of this crime. I protested that I had paid $39.65 for this copy, but apparently this makes no difference. He tells me that, in law, I remain culpable. This does not sit well with me and I am going to take the matter further. Apparently my next step should be to seek the opinion of a QC. (My very own "Silk" - now there's a status symbol for you!)
Failing that, I would guess that an appeal to the Privy Council for a ruling would be the most definitive way to go.

Bitter experience has taught me that computer software cannot be trusted and that any new program should be very carefully checked for the presence of Malware before being loaded. To that end, I have checked these new files with 15 different programs and, so far, no malware has been detected. It appears that I might have at last got a "clean" version of iGo9 software. Quite possibly the only one in the Southern hemisphere!

Unfortunately, the multiple Malware Checkers that I have downloaded are quarrelling with each other. When they conflict, they come to me asking for resolution of their differences - as if I should know which one is "right" and which one is "wrong"! Sometimes that just pimp on each other, reporting the presence of another program as a PUP. (Potentially Unwanted Program). Sometimes one of them will refuse to even work if another program is installed. Their constant squabbling is very annoying but I accept it as part of the price of eternal vigilance.
Some might perhaps think I am being a little over-zealous here.
My guess is that these will be people that have never personally experienced "The Blue Screen Of Death".

Eventually, with trembling fingers (and rampant tachycardia) I commenced the task of loading the new iGo software onto the Tablet. It should come as no surprise to any of you to learn that the upload failed. There were the usual cryptic indecipherable error messages. I would like to draw a veil over the next few (hours) days. You have all heard enough of my iGo8 trials and tribulations and by now are doubtless bored rigid as the debacle grinds on. Long story short, I was eventually able to load the new program. For the technically mined, this involved the re-naming of some of the files I had been sold. Go figure! In the course of this operation, I found that I was unable to change the name of a file within Android. Hard to believe eh? Or perhaps hard to believe that I don't know how to accomplish such a simple task within Android. I sought the help of a friend part-way through this operation and he was shocked to find that I was loading "untested" software onto my Tablet without wearing a condom. I figured it was too late by then and if I was already infected with a virus, so be it. In any case, as you all no doubt know, you can never find a condom when you need one.

Sadder, thinner, poorer, older and wiser I am finally at the stage where I can begin to address the original topic of this thread.

How well does a $100 Chinese tablet running iGo software function as a GPS?

 #80176  by scubadoo
 Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:29 am
Snap! ... reen&hl=en

Oil geev ya 20 bucks. 8-)

This all reminds me of one of my first GPS apps way back in the good old Palm Pilot days.
It still remains the most accurate ever. :mrgreen:

 #80463  by Neddy
 Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:28 am
At long, long last I have now got icons attached to sites on my iGO GPS tablet.
I would like to report that this was a result of my dedication, strong mindedness, tenacity, extensive GPS experience, wide computer knowledge, determination and high intelligence.

The truth is that I was quite unable to solve this simple problem by myself and it was only the active assistance of other Forum members that enabled me to get to this stage.

I can now see that iGO is a very powerful GPS system with many worthwhile features. It is also the most user-unfriendly program I have ever tried to use. Many functions and processes are not "Menu driven" at all and require users to insert lines of KML code in exactly the right places for things to work. The smallest error and the operation will fail - and no, you don't get any error messages to help you locate the source of the problem.
Even loading data updates requires intervention at this level. iGO is alone in this - all the other GPS systems I have looked at are Menu driven.

Setting up and then running a good iGO installation would make a great hobby for those with a lot of time and a lot of knowledge. This program has plenty of potential but I reckon that few of us would be able to realise it. For me, my lack of KML knowledge is a show-stopper and having got my iGO9 installation working at a basic level I now quit. CoPilot is nearly as good (better in some regards) and is infinitely easier to setup and use.

I did get a surprise finding out of all of this. GPS's really do work much better in Portrait rather than Landscape mode. It gives more usable screen space and a more practical screen shape. Who knew?

The $100 Tablet has proved to be really good and well up to the task. Its Lithium battery runs it as a GPS for 3½ hours on a single charge. I have currently got 4 entirely separate GPS systems installed - and that's without adding an optional extra SD card. I would strongly recommend getting a model with WiFi and an AV-in socket. Its one real deficit is that the mounting bracket does not lend itself to Portrait orientation without modification. Some do.

Thus endeth the Experiment.

 #80492  by idex
 Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:55 pm
Neddy, now that you have completed IGO 101 can we look forward to your conducting a workshop so that us less capable folk could maybe upskill a bit. All my trial and error has so far mostly resulted in brain-fade.

How about a weekend camp sometime at a convenient location?
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