#158374  by dguynz
 Mon Jan 27, 2020 12:37 pm
A previous owner decided to put an external inlet for the fresh water, which has been causing issues for some time. Due to the external skin being cut through, the strength of the frame seems to deteriorated.
So, I have come here seeking helpful suggestions for how to repair the damage.
I believe that the Stag is an American design, built in New Zealand at Hylite, Horio Beach near Levin. If anyone can provide any details of the frame (materials and construction) before I start taking it apart, I would be very grateful :)
According to the original Warrant of Electrical Fitness label in the cupboard by the isolating switch, ours was competed in December 1985, so it is definitely looking more than a little tired these days...
Hylite Stag - original cert.jpg
Hylite Stag - modification.jpg
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