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 #152855  by JCTC
 Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:32 am
An introduction, My wife and i are avid tenters and have been camping for years. Most of our adventures involve a boat and a purpose built camping trailer that is the hub of our camping set up. 99% of our camps are remote coastal and we spend alot of time on and in the ocean. For years now we have been looking into the caravan thing and have taken great interest in the Oz off road models. Being a bit handy not being one to do things by halves we are scratch building one... this way we get exactly what we want and hopefully can do it cheaper than the $100k + they are asking.

I have started a post in the tech section for this want to follow, we are ambitiously aiming to be towable and waterproof by Xmas...time is the biggest constraint.

I have joined the forum as we intend the be caravaners and tour NZ now with the family and later in our retirement (still 20 years away). I am also pretty sure that nothing we are doing is groundbreaking and that many of you will able able to help out on anything we get stuck with.

Cheers, Jason and Tania
 #152859  by Nut17
 Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:44 am
Wow, that does look impressive. You must have some good alloy welding skills.
Having owned three alloy framed Aussie Jayco caravans that have all suffered reasonably severe condensation issues over the winter months, I advise the use of a significant thermal break between the outside cladding and the alloy frame.
We will follow your progress with great interest.
I suggest you begin a new thread in the "Technical - Build Stories" area of the forum and please - Lots of photos :TU
 #152871  by JCTC
 Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:42 pm
Thanks Chris,

I am aware and am planning a 4mm ACM Cladding glued to the frame with sikaflex adhesive sealnt so hopefully that will enough.

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