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New Member,

PostPosted:Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:33 am
by Cruza
G-day 'members', New to posting..I've trolled this forum 'Heaps' over the tears, tonnes of interesting/useful info! So I've recently purchased a 1996, 7 meter Civilian 4X4 bus. It's a rare beast I'm told, and I believe it! To start with even though it's badged as a Nissan, it powered by and rides along on Isuzu running gear, ie, 4HG1 4.5 ltr 4 cylinder diesel, and NPR axles, 6 X 18mm stud pattern. It was used by the Whakapapa Holiday Park up Ruapehu way, to transport punters up the 'Bruce' rd in winter and out to the Tongariro crossing during summer months. The Holiday Park decided to dissolve the 'transport' business and it was my good timing to ask what was in store for the "Purple Princess" as it was affectionately called by the locals...that's it for now for an introduction...I've got HEAPS of queries to ask next....cheers, da Cruza