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 #19177  by Mark
 Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:10 pm
It has become clear over the last few weeks that there can be differing views among our members (mainly on technical matters) about what you can and cannot do; what you should or should not do; what is legal and what is not (even where you can park and where you cannot).

Sometimes these apparent differences are caused by varying interpretations of exactly what is being asked: at other times, it is just that people, coming from different backgrounds, have different opinions.

The moderators of this forum have no intention (or in most cases, expertise) to moderate the correctness of the opinions being given. It is over to the readers of those opinions to make their own assessments, if necessary with the assistance of specialists in the particular field.

It has been made clear in the Forum Guidelines (and now in an extended "Terms & Conditions" on the Registration page) that the responsibility for the consequences of acting on any advice given in these forums lies with the reader: not the writer and not the management of the Forum.
Please check out the wording of these Disclaimers, which should be clear enough for Kiwis (pleased we don't live in the USA :o ).
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