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 #5744  by Mark
 Tue May 19, 2009 8:11 pm
As you know, we are about to run out of bandwidth (before 25th of this month).
This means we have to upgrade the hosting plan to one that allows us more server resources.
We can either buy another plan with the existing host or move to another host.
All things being equal, its far easier to upgrade with the existing host - all you have to do is give them some more money.
BUT all things are not equal and buying extra resources from our existing host (at a reasonable cost) would only give us, at our current rate of growth, another few months - less than a year.
I have bought a hosting plan with another provider that SHOULD last us (dare I say) a couple of years or more.
The downside of that is that all of the forum files and its database have to be moved to the new server.
There are a couple of effects of this:
1. The forum will be "down" certainly while it is moved - and possibly for a bit longer while any glitches are sorted out
2. It will take up to two days for the internet to know, reliably, where the forum has been moved to - we have to redirect from its current address to its new address, so that all the messages get delivered to the right place.

The new host offer to move the site for me.

Perfect scenario:
If this move goes perfectly then one morning we will wake up and the forum will be on the new site and working
BUT it will still be on the old site and working :?
First thing in the morning I will have to have a quick check to see if the new site is going (well enough to use) and then put a redirect on the old site so that your access gets sent to the new one.
Anything posted on the old site, after it has been copied to the new site and before I have done this check and put the redirect on will be lost.

More realistic scenario:
When I check the new site, it is not working well enough to use.
I then have two choices:
If I think I can get it going within a few hours, I'll merely put a block on the old site, so that no posts get lost and work on getting the new site going. You will have no forum access for this period.
If the transfer is a disaster, then you will keep using the old site and I will work out another way to get us moved - in which case in due course there will be another communication like this telling you what to expect.

The new host is very big and I'm not sure whether they will be able to tell me what night they intend to do the switch. I hope it will be either Wednesday of Thursday night (after 1.00am) but it MAY not happen until Friday or Saturday.

If I get told, I will tell you.


1. Get mentally prepared for a period where you will not have access to the forum - have your counselors on call ;)
2. If you don't want to lose any posts - avoid posting before 9.00 am on any morning when the move might have occurred.

I have just been assured by the new host that the move will occur when I say.
I'm going to say Wednesday night. We'll see how good they are.
 #5774  by Mark
 Thu May 21, 2009 7:17 am
They were NOT good to their word.
They have admitted that I was lied to ("mislead") but I have yet to hear whether they can make a commitment to do it tonight, Thursday.

Why am I not very surprised?

I think we should just carry on as normal. IF they decide to move it sometime today, I'm not sure what will happen.
It MAY be that the forum becomes locked - or it may just be copied in it's open state, in which case we would not know, until I get notified that it has been moved.

At worst, those posts made after the copy was taken would only be on the current site. It would be possible for me to re-post those on the new site once it was up and going - so they would not be lost.

I'll keep you posted (as it were!)
 #5795  by Mark
 Fri May 22, 2009 7:03 am
Didn't happen again last night even though they had told me to just "say the word" and ir would happen.

Just carry on as normal, folks.

I have the transfer set up so that the only times it might affect you are as follow:
1. If you post after 1.00 am and before 7.00 am you may lose your post (but I could copy it later). You can still read.
2. After 6.00 am (or maybe 6.30) you may find the forum blocked. This means that the transfer HAS happened and I am testing it. If it remains blocked until after 9.00am it means there are problems that I am trying to fix. Be patient.
3. If you see a page, with the forum banner, asking you to click on a link to transfer to the relocated site, that means that the site has been transferred and APPEARS to be working OK. This will be the normal way to access the forum until the NameServers have caught up on our move. After that, you will be straight in again.
4. If the transfer happens, but there are problems that it appears I won't be able to resolve within a few hours, I'll just remove the block from this site and find a way of doing the transfer myself.
(Maybe that's what I should have done in the first place)
 #5805  by Mark
 Fri May 22, 2009 3:01 pm
Hi All

I've moved the forum, myself, and it appears to be working reasonably well - except for persistent Login, which I'm working on.

It will take another couple of days before will take you to the forum. In the meantime, just keep using the link from the old site.

Alternatively, you can log on to the new site, delete your browser bookmark for the forum and then make a new bookmark. That will bring you straight here.

Welcome back! :)

And "Thanks, everyone" for your encouragement.
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