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 #7602  by Mark
 Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:00 am
A new member asked the question (of how to manage their reading of the forum) and I thought that it might be worthwhile sharing with everyone. Here are a couple of ways of doing it - you may find them better than what you do now.

In this forum, you may find what you are looking for in the three options above the Admin forum window: View unanswered posts, View new posts and View active posts.

Alternatively (and I think this is the best way because it gives you much better information to allow you to decide which new posts to read first: it is how I manage my reading of the forum).

Firstly (this step is crucial to the proper working of this method)open each forum in turn and click "Mark forum read" (top right). Now all the forum icons, sub-forum icons and "Last post" icons will be coloured blue. As soon as someone submits a new post the icons for the relevant forum, sub-forum, topic and "Last post" will turn red.

If you want to go straight to that post, no matter where it is, you can click on the little square red icon to the right of the member in the Last post list.
If you want to see what sub-forum or topic the post was made in open the (red) forum or sub-forum and the red icon will show you which sub-forum or topic received the post.

For this to continue to work, of course, you have to mark each post that you deal with as read. You can do this either by exiting the page by clicking on one of the links (Home or the parent forum) at the bottom of the page, or by clicking "Mark topic/forum read" (top right). If you just back up out of the page, the topic will not be set as "Read".

So, if you are managing things this way, when there are no new posts for you to review, all the icons are blue.
If there is a new post, it will be red and you can see immediately where it is and who posted it.

Hope that helps.
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