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 #20492  by Mark
 Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:37 am
Sometimes you may want to share a 3rd party file example pdf, excel or word file with others on the forum.

I think I have a solution.

1. Go to BoxLink here
2. Login as [email protected] with the password motorhome
3. Either click "Upload" and browse to you file or simply arrange your desktop so you can drag it onto the Forum Links folder
4. Go to the file you just uploaded and click "Shared" to the right of it.
5. Copy the link address displayed.
6. Back in your post on the forum, position your cursor where you want in the post, click "URL" (along the top of the text-body box).
7. Paste the link address in between the two url tags

That should be "it".

Who wants to try it and tell me where my instructions need expanding?
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