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 #101461  by clowningaround
 Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:56 am
G'day all,
As we've booked to go to the Tattoo in Wellington and to take our Toyota Coaster across (one way) were going to head to Napier to the Art Deco weekend.... All good eh! Then Womad came up in my sights. As a newbie at Womad and a keen saxophone blower, it looks really exciting.
I will have a push bike on the back so am considering cycling in from one of the many New Plymouth park up motorhome options. You can park only 2.5klms away in their dedicated Motorhome area for 3 nights at $59, not having attended a Womad before, is this too close and still noisey from the Music? I know it will be full on, however it's also nice to get a good nights sleep and recharge the batteries etc.
What advice can regular Womad-ites give me?
I see they have special viewing platforms for the over 65's.... Not sure if that's good or bad, will C when I gets there.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
Cheers from Richmond
 #101491  by Jays
 Mon Oct 19, 2015 6:36 am
Thanks for the Napier Art Deco weekend looks get.
Cannot find anything on the tattoo in Wellington? What is it? Like the Ebinburgh tattoo or body a Art?
The WOMAD festival looks great trying to persuade Jan that it will be good to go to!
Why are you not staying on site for th e 59 dollars to stay?
Hope our paths will cross to say Hello.
 #101494  by Mark
 Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:49 am
Cannot find anything on the tattoo in Wellington? What is it? Like the Ebinburgh tattoo or body a Art?
It is the Edinburgh Tattoo - on tour. I think only the second or third time it has been help outside of Edinburgh.
 #101498  by clowningaround
 Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:03 am
Hi John,
Yes Mark is correct's the Edinburgh Military Tattoo....I have been to it a couple of times, as a lad and an adult. Tickets are hard to come by...we ordered months ago (hope their still available for you?) ... oCxq3w_wcB

Re Womad, I will probably stay on site...I just wanted some feedback from others about their experience.

Och aye John... Wid lik tae see ya...eye ken!
Please get in touch nearer the day...might even see you in Napier....I'm the one with the weird and wonderful hats...though not neccessarily Art Deco.
 #101560  by clowningaround
 Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:02 am
Hi Naki585.
Thanks for the reply.
Yes I am an NZMCA member.
Which one is that? (# please) I presume that it may actually be well patronised if not full days before Womad?
Probably it would be a quieter scene than the official Womad Motorhome site.
 #101563  by Naki585
 Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:30 am

The site no. is 4195

It is situated on Huatoki Street and is roughly 2k's to the nearest park entrance and about a 20 minute walk.

You are probably right about it being well patronised around Womad.

It is set in a bush setting and very quiet.

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