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 #155868  by Flora
 Fri Oct 18, 2019 9:22 pm
Hey guys,
We are a family of 6 and thinking of hitting the road and satisfying our travel needs! But early stages pop up a lot of questions. The main one being costs of permanently living in a bus/caravan... we’ve always done caravanning holidays, stayed on pop or other types of campgrounds. But never long term. Obviously we give up jobs, house etc but one of us is able to keep working no matter where we are so that would give us some income. But is it doable on just one salary.. is it cheaper to live in a bus than paying a rent... scary steps to take. Any info is welcome thanks
 #155872  by NeilV
 Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:49 am
Much cheaper than renting as your base cost, rent, is either totally gone or reduced to almost nothing ($3/adult/night at an NZMCA, free campsites throughout the country when CSC and lots of PoP and CaP sites) free water and dumping all round the country.

Then your power, water and electrical bills are basically zero’d too, except heating ($2-3/night for diesel- a bit more for gas) and cooking (we use 1 9kg bottle for 6 weeks, family of 4)

The key is in your initial setup going fully ‘offgrid’ capable. Having a big solar setup and decent batteries will mean you can run an electric fridge and never need to plug in.
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