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 #70018  by muzzanic
 Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:31 pm
Realise this may not be the most suitable location for this topic so Mods please move it if it needs to be elsewhere.

Now that we have decided we want to come over to the Camper Care show, it makes sense to take the camper from there up to Auckland to Bruce Springsteen for the Sunday late arvo concert. Rather than home to Tauranga to pick up the car. Of course now we are thinking about where to park the camper in Auckland, likely not to be as easy as finding somewhere for the car. So looking for suggestions around where Mt Smart stadium is. Happy to look at paying somewhere, ie camping ground, POP etc, or maybe just roadside or supermarket car park. We don't mind abit of a walk to the venue, or could park up somewhere and chance our luck with a taxi. We do have friends out west Auckland where we could park the camper if we cant find elsewhere closer. We don't necessarily have to stay up in Auckland the night, but might?
As per the other topic, there are a few that are going to both, so we were just wondering what others going to the Camper Care show and Bruce Springsteen are doing? I realise that security wise, it might not be best to post replies on here for the general public to see, if you have ideas/suggestions and would rather not reply on here then I would welcome a PM.
Many thanks in advance :D
 #70043  by Zukiwi
 Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:37 pm
Hi Niki

We're going to both but will leave the bus with family in Hamilton on Sun as we have to pick other family up from the airport in Ak so will need the toad (not enough seat belts in the bus).

 #70098  by muzzanic
 Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:24 am
Thanks Dene and John for your replies.

We are all sorted :D Mr Google strikes again, I found a motel close to Mt Smart Stadium that mentions ample parking and space for buses on their website. So I phoned them up and while (as expected) their units are fully booked, they have rented us an overnight parking space (bus size) for the camper. So we can park up there and walk to the venue, walk back afterwards and stay for the night. I was concerned about security for the camper if we stopped at a Park or Freedom camping spot, considering we would be at the concert for a few hours, but think this option ticks all boxes.
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