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 #74810  by FlyingKiwiGirl
 Sat May 24, 2014 6:43 pm
So I hope you got there early Mark :)

We did and luckily had our fill of oysters, seafood & wine before the storm hit just before 1pm. Wow & what a storm, we got evacuated from the drink marquee after about half an hour of battering, splits opened up in the canvas & the metal support structure started lifting & rattling, the noise was deafening. The porta-loos were dancing down the tarseal. I was making my way back to our seats in the marquee just as it hit, tables, chairs and people were heading for Foveaux Strait at a fast rate of knots. The whitebait tent was blown to smithereens, the stage gear obliterated; I spoke to a woman on the stand earlier and she had said they had travelled 17 hours to get here from the West Coast; half of Arthurs Pass until the slip blocked their way then back & up to Lewis and down to Bluff overnight. It was quite frightening, horizontal head wind back to the car park had a few people stumped and the row of motorhomes along the wharf road(parked there for the night) were taking the full force of the wind off the harbour. And then to top it all off, a 2 hour wait in a traffic jam on the road out after power lines came down on a car.

I managed to buy a couple of pottles of oyster seconds to bring home before the storm hit. Such a shame it was cut short after all their hard work.
 #74812  by markandirene
 Sat May 24, 2014 8:09 pm
Well FlyingKiwiGirl, you certainly told the story exactly as we witnessed, although we were over inside the building where the fashion parade was. We could hear all the banging and crashing of the mighty gales and horizontal rain/sleet outside and knew all wasn't well when we saw this panicking bloke in a high viz coat running around like a headless chook, rounding up the fashion parade organisers for a serious pow wow amidst goings on. Next he almost snatched the mic from the compere's hand and told everybody that because of the severe storm outside, the event was now cancelled and we all had to get out now and head for the nearest exit for safety reasons. He looked like he was really crapping himself.

Luckily, I had my first dozen oysters for morning tea, but wasn't able to get back for seconds for afternoon tea. Some tell us that, after the storm abated a little, they reopened the event after moving what was left of the festival into the building where the fashion show was and the food was all going cheap to assist the stall holders to get rid of it. Bugger! By then we were well blown to the south, back to the Bluff Camp where we are parked up, along with many other movanners. We then had an all afternoon happy hour in the camp kitchen, wondering whether it is going to be safe to move on tomorrow with more bad weather forecast.

We didn't see you guys and your fifth wheeler around town, so I can only guess that you were down on the wharf road enjoying the good old buffeting along with the other RV's that were parked there.

So, we will wait until tomorrow to see whether the weather, (I like that), is what they say it is going to be before we decide when and where we go next.


Mark and Irene
 #74816  by FlyingKiwiGirl
 Sat May 24, 2014 10:01 pm
We're parked up at Central City Camp ground, we have a near permanent site here :), we're here for 2-3 weeks so it was easier to park here & drive out to Bluff, which was just as well as we were originally getting the festival bus but there were 4 of us & bus stop was the last on the run & we were worried there'd be no room. So when storm hit we were able to get back to car & drive home. Except for the power lines that were down which held us up for a couple of hours :roll:

So did you get that storm that just blew through? What a crazy hail dump!


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