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 Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:09 am
Sour dough bread using a starter (no knead)

1.5 cup of ready to use starter
tsp salt
tbs olive oil
430ml warm water
3.25 cup flour
ceramic loaf pan
baking paper
rubber spatula

You will need a ceramic loaf pan, around $20 at farmers. A metal loaf tin does not contain enough heat, the loaf will be crisp & soft but under cooked in the middle. The motorhome oven does not get hot enough, also has cold spots

The starter must be active, that is, been fed for the last 5 days. If the starter is kept in the fridge, refresh it by feeding it just once when out of the fridge. Usually ready to use after 1 feed. Starter should almost have a beer yeast tone to it, not a sour smell, if the later, keep feeding till it becomes yeasty

This recipe is for a 3 and a quarter cup loaf, give or take a bit. Works well with white & wholemeal 50/50 mix

Our favorite -
1 cup each of whole rye, whole spelt & white spelt, plus quarter cup of coconut flour (for added fibre)
Place flour in a plastic bag with tsp salt & give it a good shake to mix em up

3/4 jar of finished starter (C to C 1/2 starter, 210g)
Mix together with 430ml warm water
add tbs molasses, or honey or sugar
add tbs olive oil to the starter mixture, mix well so the starter has no lumps

add flour to starter mixture in a large bowl & mix well with a rubber spatula (about 2mins)
this is a wet dough when done
rest for 15mins then fold the dough
cover with plastic wrap for 12 - 14hrs, poke a hole in the plastic, should double in size
fold the dough again with rubber spatula (about 45sec)
place baking paper into a ceramic baking loaf pan
place dough into pan, cover with plastic wrap, rest again for
3hrs to let it rise again

Preheat oven to its hottest setting for at least 10mins
Place a small cup of boiling hot water in the oven
place loaf pan in oven, bake in hot oven for 35mins, then reduce heat to that of roasting temp for 15mins
Take the loaf out, remove baking paper, rest on wire rack

Results in a 3/4 height of a vogels bread
Let cool completely before eating

This loaf will have a hard crust top, with soft sides & bottom. Moist & chewy, easily digestible & filling
Store in a paper bag
Try out other ancient grains, kamut, konini, buckwheat & others...try your local bulk store like binn inn... makes store bought bread taste bland & untextured

There is a bit of mucking around till you get it right. Temperature, humidity comes into it
I make bread every week, even Heather gives the thumbs up on this one
The last link below makes great eating as well

http://www.danreid.org/health-alerts-so ... health.asp
http://www.sourdoughhome.com/index.php? ... ngastarter
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 Fri Dec 25, 2015 5:54 pm
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 Sat Feb 22, 2020 4:49 pm
Hello Bernice
I would dearly love your sourdough recipe,did try one with a pineapple starter but the loaves were always rather solid, nearly bricks lol
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