#84612  by kiwisonja
 Thu Dec 11, 2014 12:02 pm
Hi everyone thanks for the tips. Am off to buy me a tile. hopefully I will be able to make a decent apple pie with it to help cook the bottom. I shall check out the links.
Cheers, Sonja
 #84613  by hort1
 Thu Dec 11, 2014 12:10 pm
Can some one please enlighten me as to why the tile needs to be or better if unglazed :?: :?:

 #84615  by Harper
 Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:04 pm
Because glazed tiles may still have lead or other metallic compounds in the glaze , also if you are using the tile for baking on, the unglazed tile absorbs moisture which helps the bottoms cook (e.g.pizza)
 #86902  by Holistic Palace
 Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:53 am
RandB wrote:I cook and bake nearly every day in my motorhome oven - everything from Sourdough Bread (made every 3-4 days)
I have had mixed results using a sourdough starter, after a 3rd feed of the starter when it is really growing strongly, then using the starter at that time for a dough recipe. Best thing I like is the "no kneading" of the dough, more like a quick mix together... around 2mins max
Also, really trying to get off the white flour all together. Doing so, there is not much rise in the finished loaf, usually the size of a vogels bread, but heavy & dense
Currently using a mixture of rye, whole wheat or whole spelt & a bit of organic white flour in the mix (have a grain mill in the camper) Organic maple or brown sugar with the starter mixed together before folding it into the dough. The trick, I have found is to make the dough a really "wet" mix, almost like a batter consistency & try to catch the dough out before the rise stops growing, which can be between 2-6hrs considering the outside humidity (rise once) then into a hot oven...
Love my breads, Heather sort of, but not really, except for artisan breads at farmers market
So at the moment, my home baked bread fetish has been ok to sort of ok. Not rising like the loaves you would see on youtube made out of whole wheat or whole spelt, using a starter.
All of the results are soft & springy to the poke / touch test.... probably best suited as a flat Turkish slash focaccia type bread that doesn't need much rise when finished
Still work in progress :-T
 #86905  by kathyn
 Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:22 am
Hi there Rudy

After getting a recipe off Bernice I have started my sourdough journey. Only baked two loaves so far, the second one was much better than the first (must learn not to knead so much!). I had a major problem getting my starter started (pH out of whack), thefreshloaf pineapple solution fixed it. I'm baking a loaf that is basically 20% wholemeal, 80% white. Not too worried about the "white flour" issue as the way I read it in Dan Reid's article "Sour Dough Bread and Health" the long proving time in sour dough is critical to getting a healthier bread to eat. Certainly lots of varying methods and recipes out there on the net, hoping to fine tune one that works just right for us.

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