#85308  by Roamnz
 Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:01 am
courtesy of Annabel Langbein Media

Prep time: 15 mins
Cook time: 65 mins
Serves: 8-10

6 egg whites, at room temperature
pinch of salt
1½ cups caster sugar
2 tsp cornflour
1 tsp vinegar

1 cup Berry Compote
3 punnets fresh mixed berries, eg raspberries, blueberries and hulled and halved strawberries
To make a pavlova you really need an electric beater and egg whites that are not too fresh. If they are the pavlova will weep.

Heat the oven to 180°C (not fanbake). Line a baking tray with baking paper and mark a circle about 16cm diameter with a plate. Place the egg whites into the clean bowl of an electric beater. Add the salt and beat until stiff. Slowly add the sugar with the beater running. Beat for about 10 minutes at high speed until the meringue is thick and glossy – it should be thick enough not to fall from the beater. Last of all, whisk in the cornflour and vinegar. Use a big spoon to drop dollops of meringue into the circled area of baking paper. Form into a circle of meringue, making swirls with the spoon on the top rather than flattening to a neat tidy disc.

Bake at 180°C for 5 minutes then reduce oven temperature to 130°C and cook a further hour. Turn off oven and leave pavlova to cool in the oven. Or better still, make the Pavlova christmas eve, turn the oven off before going to bed and leave the Pavlova in the oven overnight.

Pavlova can be cooked a couple of days ahead and stored in an airtight container, or frozen. To serve, add whipped cream if you want to, spoon Berry Compote over pavlova and scatter over mixed berries.

Berry Compote:

3 cups mixed frozen berries, eg boysenberries and blueberries
1 cup mild honey or sugar
1 vanilla pod
2 bay leaves
In a pot heat together berries, honey or sugar, vanilla and bay leaves, stirring until the honey or sugar has dissolved. Simmer for about 15-20 minutes until mixture is reduced and slightly syrupy. Remove vanilla pod and bay leaves. Serve warm. Sauce reheats well.

Calories don't count at christmas. ;)
 #85310  by RandB
 Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:47 am
For a really festive look, shape the pavlova into a ring shape (place a jar or similar in the middle to assist with shaping, then remove before cooking. When cooked decorate so it looks like a Xmas wreath sprinkled with berries and appropriately placed mint leaves and even a drizzle of chocolate - enjoy :D
 #85320  by Rovers
 Wed Dec 24, 2014 12:50 pm
Just like mother used to make, and still tasty now :Y :Y
 #85321  by Roamnz
 Wed Dec 24, 2014 12:54 pm
Thanks for that idea Bernice and Roy, I will do that next time. :)
 #85334  by Nut17
 Wed Dec 24, 2014 5:15 pm
Marg whipped one up this afternoon using that exact recipe, which as it turns out is almost identical to her late mother's old family recipe. :Y
 #85353  by Rovers
 Thu Dec 25, 2014 7:48 am
A "teaspoon" ;) full of Rum essence adds a bit as well, our recipe says vanilla but that's boring

Have a nice day everyone.

 #85398  by DerekB
 Fri Dec 26, 2014 4:48 pm
Kerry made one for Christmas but used raspberry vinegar.
Very, very nice!
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