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 #10544  by coastakate
 Fri Nov 13, 2009 12:55 pm
Hi people.. Well I didn't end up buying my own MH as planed last summer... but have made quite a dent in the renovations I intended doing instead. But now with summer starting I'm getting itchy feet to go see sights again. That said.. & as I haven't go my own MH... just thought I'd ask.. Does anyone know anyone who might want some travel company during travel this summer ! I'm a good driver & although I don't hold a HT licence.. I was a farm girl & have & can handle trucks & did a lot of towing tandem horse floats. I've driven MH's twice.. each for a couple of months which were both 6.5mt. ( Plus I'm a gr8 kitchen bith.. ;) Any thoughts... give me a "hands up" if you would please. Thankx. Kate.
 #10547  by coastakate
 Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:06 pm
Hello Bob... Well as you say... ! Same back @ u... Did you finish "the beast" then ? & now your building a 5th wheeler too. I have been living the quiet life.. just getting on getting on.. doing the building you know about... & just about on the home straight... the units are looking good. But this summer I really need to crack a few smiles & become open to life again... Meet a few people & learn how to laugh again... u know what I'm saying ! Anyway.. have you got any pics of the bus all finished on line anywhere... as I'd love to have a look... cheers K
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