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 #10913  by Sightseer
 Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:55 pm
How many of us shop online?

There was an interesting piece in the NZ Herald the other day regarding how to avoid becoming a victim of internet scams. The following link tells of how to help to keep your identity safe. ... d=10611668

I'd have copied and posted but maybe that would be in breach of copyright!
 #10947  by Ross
 Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:28 am
Indeed, if I might extend the question - How many of us shop on-line and have had a fraud/security problem? I used to be mortified to see my kids shopping on-line but now I buy stuff all over the internet. I don't think I'm any more vulnerable than using my credit card in a shop in NZ - where I also do 100% of my on-line shopping. Heck, the biggest problem in NZ looks like being the Auckland car-park fiasco. Why should people worry more about on-line shopping?
It does pay to be careful, so thanks for the link. I see the Herald also has a link to potential FaceBook scams. The trouble with all this worrying is that ordinary people may become too afraid to take advantage of useful technology.
I guess I don't worry about things that I search out and I am always sceptical of things that find me i.e. emails. Any email that says "have a look at this link" gets the 3rd degree whether from a stranger or from a friend.
Thanks for the reminder Margaret.
Regards, Ross
 #10958  by idex
 Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:31 am
I haven't had any problems buying stuff over the internet and have been doing this for about 10 years now.
Just take commonsense precautions like only use secure internet connections, make sure that the payment system has "https://" and the little security padlock icon showing. I only buy from sites that I have located myself and if I don't feel comfortable for any reason I disconnect quickly.

Internet shopping is probably the fastest, cheapest way to get hard to find parts and equipment and you can do it all without leaving home (or your motorhome if you're on the road).
 #10976  by kathyn
 Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:25 pm
I only buy from sites with the padlock and that are https/: But also a reminder (my understanding of the rules from when we owned our own retail shop) if you as a a customer shops online or my mail order, it is a "card not present" sale and the risk is all with the shop owner, if you say the goods did not arrive (and they did not) you can refute the sale and any charges on your card are reveresed. If you make a person in store (card present) and sign for it the risk is all with you and you have signed and cannot refute any sales. So theoretically if there is any fraud and someone uses your card on line, you can just refute the sale, say goods were not delivered to you and all charges reversed. But it would be a pain to go through the paperwork and renew your cards.
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