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 #151508  by Nut17
 Sat May 18, 2019 3:26 am
I was earlier this week, coerced into going as co-driver with a mate to collect a 1962 Fiat Bambina he had recently purchased on Trademe. This car is an ongoing restoration project so needed to be trailered home to Hastings from Waiuku.
3.45 am departure time and off we go in his ute with a smallish tandem flat bed trailer hitched up. We made good progress to Taupo when it was then my turn to drive for a while. Whoops !! 5 speed column change and 3 pedals :o A Nissan Navara - 1996 2.7 non turbo diesel Jap import. I was struggling with a few missed gear changes - predominantly second to fifth instead of third, but by the time I got to Waiuku with my passenger asleep :shock: I pretty much had it sorted and my admiration for the capability of this little truck blossomed. I then realised that it is close to four years since I have driven a vehicle with a manual gear box (my work trucks were all 5 speed manuals). In 2004 I did have a Toyota Hilux Surf with manual transmission. My last drive in a car with column change manual was in 1976 - 3 on the tree HR Holden !!
I ended up driving from Mercer all the way back to Hastings - still duffing the odd gear change and having to remember to use the third pedal. ;) We arrived safely but weary at six pm. A long day :| ;)
How times have changed. The 8 speed ZF auto gearbox in our Jeep is an absolute masterpiece with automatic downshifts for engine braking on down hill sections and whatever the load, selecting the correct ratio to keep the engine in its most economical "Sweet Spot"
It would need to be the desire to own an ageing sporting classic for occasional Sunday outings to convince me to purchase another vehicle with manual transmission.
 #151512  by beanpole
 Sat May 18, 2019 8:12 am
Can understand your problems Chris.
As a mechanic for most of my working life I have come across most types of transmissions and their variable co-operation with my driving habits.
Manual; 3 spd. 4 spd, 5 spd and now 6 spd. Either crash or synchro. Not a lot of automatics in my possesion I must admit.
My last change, Mitsi L200 5 spd to a 6spd Triton has been the hardest.
Even after nearly 6 months ownership I am still (when a situation) stuffing up the gear changes as well as stalling when in towns.
This is due to the high ratio of 2nd gear and the lack of torque. The bias to either side of of 3rd & 4th takes some getting used to.
They say old habits die hard. Heres' hoping I will develop new ones and not restart in the middle of an intersection or lights.

 #151515  by Andycap
 Sat May 18, 2019 9:39 am
Hi Gordon ,may i ask ,as the new Triton is now 6 gears why didn`t you go for the auto .I find our 2018 Triton with the 5 auto is quite adequate and i`m sure the 6 would be even better .Did you try both before purchase .Andy .
 #151516  by petercw
 Sat May 18, 2019 9:48 am
My first car was a1932 Austin 7 Ulster Race, crash gearbox.. Like the seagull outboard the car had few moving parts.. twin carbs were the most difficult part of the car.. But it could sure move a along for the day in was built. Complete with Aluminum body and no top or does to weigh it down.. Vertically go anywhere, hence they were used for holding races. Great fun for a youth. :TU
 #151517  by Rovers
 Sat May 18, 2019 10:43 am
'57 Hillman minx, 4 speed column shift, Hanu Makkonan had nothing on me on the gravel roads of the time, or so I thought any way, much the same with the A60 van, not sure an auto would have produced the same results. My auto driving is far more sedate, or is it just my age and nothing to do with the mechanicals? ;)
 #151519  by RaymonD
 Sat May 18, 2019 11:57 am
first car 1926 Essex Super Six, double d clutch, no problems :) , autos are nice but I still prefer a manual gearbox, I like being in control :)
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