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 #15671  by honkytonkin
 Sat Jun 12, 2010 2:38 pm
Hi Folks
Rusty Glen here
I thought id let you all know about a very special art exibition taking place in Stratford July 16th - August 8th

The exibition is titled "Illusions Lies and Half-Truths

The very talented artist is my sister, Heather Glen

The body of work focusing on power structures and belief systems that shape our lives- using the example of the history of adoption in New Zealand.

It will include stories, comments,photos, poetry,and social commentary collected on canvas.
A huge range of Heather Glens original paintings form the frame work of the exibition, many of which are available for sale, others on loan from private collectors, who have already discovered her art.

The opening is being performed by the Rt Hon Jonathan Hunt, whom tabled the open adoption bill, paving the way for many like Heather and myself to reconnect with our birth families.

Heather and I were raised in a family, where 3 of the four children were adopted, including myself which made for an interesting gene pool.

The wall Of Memories
An ever- growing, living artwork of contributions from the public (names withheld by request)
If you or anyone you know has an interest or experiance in this subject and is interested in submitting anything.
More info can be found at

So what where and when
Illusions Lies and Half-Truths
Percy Thompson Gallery
Stratford Taranaki
July 16th-August 8th

If in the area, I hope some of you will take the time to visit this wonderful exibition, a culmination of years of work for Heather.

I will be performing live at the closing party held on August 7th, hope to see you there.

Rusty Glen
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