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 #32995  by Nut17
 Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:08 am
At 4.15 this morning, what sounded similar to a shot gun being discharged, woke us from our slumbers. It was our glass topped out door table - The glass top has spontaneously exploded. This table is approximately 15 years old and has had extensive use. At the time of it's failure was covered with a heavy duty table cloth, but had nothing else on it. Ambient temperature is around 14 Deg C. Scary thing is, our 3 year old grandson Stuart was playing underneath this table yesterday :shock: I know that this phenomenon has been in the news before and I thought that there are thousands of them out there and ours has stood the test of time - "Wrong!!" We purchased this table as part of a set including six chairs from The Warehouse in around 1998 - 1999.

Put me off glass top tables for life!!

Cheers Chris
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