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 #150973  by Nut17
 Thu May 02, 2019 12:07 pm
With duck shooting starting at 6.00am on Saturday I thought this little yarn might be appropriate.:) A Wellington lawyer went duck shooting in rural Wairarapa. He shot and dropped a duck but it fell into a farmer's paddock on the other side of the fence.
As the lawyer was climbing the fence an elderly farmer drove up on his tractor and asked what he was doing.
The lawyer responded,"I shot a duck and it fell into this paddock
and now I am going to retrieve it."
The farmer replied, "This is my property and you are not coming over here!"
The indignant lawyer retorted, "I am one of the best criminal lawyers in the country and if you don't allow me to get that duck I'll sue and take everything you own."
The farmer smiled and said, "Apparently you don't know how we settle small disagreements like this here in the Wairarapa, we use the 3 kick rule!"
What's the 3 kick rule?" the lawyer demanded.
The farmer replied, "Well, because the dispute occurs on my land I get to go 1st. I kick you 3 times and then you kick me 3 times and so on until one of us gives up."
the lawyer thought about this and decided he could easily take this silly old codger so he agreed to abide by this rather quaint custom.
The old farmer slowly got down off his tractor, walked over to the lawyer and planted the steel capped toe of his boot in the lawyers groin and dropped him to his knees. His second kick to the midriff sent the lawyers expensive lunch gushing from his mouth! The lawyer was on hands and knees gasping for breath when the third kick to his rear sent him sprawling into a very large, very fresh cowpat!
The lawyer gasping and in pain summoned up every last bit of his remaining dignity, staggered to his feet, wiped the shit off his face with the sleeve of his handmade jacket and said "OK you old fart! Now it's my turn!!"
(I just love this bit!)
The old farmer looked him straight in the eye and said
"Nah! I give up! You can keep the duck!!" :lol:
 #150989  by johnaye
 Thu May 02, 2019 4:38 pm
Ah so you are the guy that starts shooting at 6am every opening day in the Wairarapa.. We have wondered who it is for the past 45 years. ( never missed an opening day ).
We would just like to remind you 6.30 am and not a second earlier is the starting time..
With my failing eyesight its nearer to 7am now days!!!!
:-T :TU
 #150993  by Nut17
 Thu May 02, 2019 4:53 pm
Coming from a family where duck shooting was a major annual event every year and the four boys in our family began using a 410 gauge shot gun from about 12 years old. I continued with the experience until about 20 years ago when I opted to get rid of my armoury and did not renew my arms licence. I did shoot on a property at Mt Bruce for about 3 years. 1977 - 1980 while we were based in Masterton.
 #151004  by NeilV
 Thu May 02, 2019 9:00 pm
I really did just laugh aloud :lol: :lol: :lol:
Thanks for that one 👍
 #151016  by Rovers
 Fri May 03, 2019 8:16 am
All that follow the duckshooting "religion" , stay safe out there, and enjoy the company! Mate and I have been shooting the same property for the last 50 odd years and we still get keyed up! Sadly where we hunt may not be available to us next year, bugger it!
 #151021  by johnaye
 Fri May 03, 2019 9:16 am
We shot on a farm just south and across the road from the Mt Bruce sanctuary for a number of years. I am not sure of the dates but would have been late 70s early 80s. I put an ad in the local rag and the then manager Bill Robinson invited us to shoot there. Great guy and i still stay in touch with him and his wife Deb . Unfortunately he moved to the Waikato and the farm changed hands several times . I am sure it was owned by Castlepoint station at one time. It was also sold off in 4 lots at one point. We stayed in the white woolshed just south of the farmhouse and close to the road..
 #151028  by Nut17
 Fri May 03, 2019 10:49 am
My shooting access was closer to Masterton on Kiriwhakapapa Road. (Turn off by The Mount Bruce Hall) I cannot remember the name of the property owner (surname Campbell) I think and I was lucky to be one of select group of about a dozen to be invited. Our ammunition was purchased in bulk at a good discount as was the grain used to feed (entice) the ducks on our shooting possie. Wonderful comeraderei and great lasting memories.
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