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 #3018  by Mark
 Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:19 pm
Apologies to all users of the forum.
After having 6 trouble-free months of operation, it appears that the spammers found us the day after I left on holiday.
It started as a trickle but became a flood over the last 2-3 days. Ray has done a stirling job logging all the doubtful new members and sending me emails about the problem. Unfortunately, when it got really bad Kathy and I were in a very remote place (top end of Falls Dam) and had no idea until we got back to "civilisation" this afternoon, that it had "blown up".
We are working on the problem.

I need to appoint a Moderator, someone who can delete both posts and users, but I'm not yet sure who that will be. It really needs to be someone who is not "on the road".

In the meantime, I have taken (or am taking) the following steps:
New members will now need to be approved for membership (by me or a moderator) before they have posting access to the forum.
I am in the process of removing all spammers - with a priority for those who have posted (usually objectionable) material.

Thanks to those who sent PM's about the worst of the posts.

Again apologies to all for the offensive posts.
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