#95220  by NeilV
 Wed Jun 17, 2015 2:03 pm
NeilV wrote:Anyone have a wiring diagram that's not Japanese, or able to tell me how to connect up the unit?
Still can't read Japanese :roll:
 #95239  by BUSRSQ
 Wed Jun 17, 2015 5:19 pm
Download the google translate app to your smart device, using the app take a photo of the japanese and lo and behold you have a translation :)
I use it all the time as over 1/2 of my fleet are Jap imports
 #95278  by NeilV
 Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:17 pm
Thanks for the tip... Think I'm gonna need full sunlight though as the only legible word I've been give so far is 'relay' :?:
 #95325  by NeilV
 Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:57 pm
Managed to get an mikuni MY Heater manual by PDF from the British website, English wiring diagram included! ;)

Feel free to PM me an email addy if anyone ever stumbles in here with a similar problem :mrgreen:
 #153039  by Alan Orchard
 Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:47 am
Hello. I have a 1988 Mitsubishi Fuso with a built in Mikuni MY 85-2 heater. It goes well once started however it doesn't start right away and it creates quite a lot of fumes. Can anyone make any suggestions as to a correct starting procedure? Thanks Alan.
 #153054  by StephenD
 Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:36 pm
Hi Alan.. Yep the Mikuni is a bit of a tricky beast.. maybe you could add a pic of your control for it to be really sure.. But I'll tell you how mine works..
The toggle closest to the front of bus goes down for "ignite".. then up for "burn". and in the middle is off.. the toggle next to it operates the blower down low up high and middle is off..
Turn the blower to high first.. ( but it - mine at least - wont do anything until the ignite/ burn process kicks in.
Then Flick toggle down to "ignite".. (orange light should come on) this heats the glow plug or something .. then after a few minutes (mine seems to take longer in very cold weather) flick it to the "burn" (up) position.. the blower should kick in at this stage.. and orange light will go off.. but after a short while you will hear a change in the sound.. this is when the igniter has worked and the diesel starts burning.. sometimes.. as I say in really cold weather it "misfires" and the burning doesn't start.. just flick it back down to ignite for a few minutes and the up again to burn..
The IMPORTANT thing is the shut down process/..
Flick the toggle from burn to the centre - neutral - position.. and leave it there till the blower stops on its own accord..
NEVER turn off the power off.. or the blower off until it has stopped.. otherwise you get LOTS of smoke coming out from under your bus... freaked me out the first time.. the blower needs to keep going till all the heat is blown out of the burning chamber..
Hope that makes sense.. Also if you PM me with an email address I can send you the manual that NeilV kindly sent me..
 #153068  by Alan Orchard
 Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:09 pm
Hi Stephen,
Thank you for your detailed instructions.
My control panel might be different from yours as it has three toggles.
I can't work out how to include a photo here so will email one to you.
Thanks again. Regards. Alan Orchard.
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