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 #96435  by Derb
 Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:45 pm
Hi Fellas. Am I the only member here constantly baffled by the inability of Dump-Station installers to accept that Shite wont run uphill? I mean, C'mon Dudes - gravity has been around a fair while now 'init? It is a right pain having to drive up on blocks to run the water back the "other way" or toward the hole. It aint rocket science. :roll:
 #96440  by beanpole
 Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:47 pm
Can you give me the locations of the ones you are concerned about please?
We are very much aware that some designing engineers have no clue how to read standards when constructing them.
Also there are a lot that need attention in one way or another and we may be able to do something about the public ones.
P.M. please
 #96442  by Alec
 Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:09 pm
Gordon, Ngongotaha and Ardmore, when Ngongotaha was put in I questioned Brian Stanley as to why they were built high above the ground instead of at or below ground level, and was told that it was the consent design. I detest having to get into my camper after walking around in all the shi__ty water, that seems to get spilt around these sites. If they were slightly below ground level with a wide concrete apron around them, this could be hosed down after use and left clean for the next customer.
The other concern of mine is the placement of the fresh water hose about 1mtr away from the dump hole and 2mts from the washdown hose. There is no reason why the Ngongotaha fresh hose could not be located near the fence 10/20mtrs away from the dump. I had a situation at Ardmore where 2 vehicles at dump, so parked behind camper that was putting away his hose, 3 more vans arrive then guy in front of me says I still got to fill my fresh tanks, 40 minutes later I got to the dump. There is a toilet block 20mtrs away with water, why can't the fresh taps be located along the fence over there, thus freeing up the dump for dumping.
In Australia all the new dumps are set low in the ground, and I can not recall ever seeing a fresh water tap located next to a dump. There is a hygiene issue here.
 #96453  by beanpole
 Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:00 am
Thanks Alec, I have not been made aware of the two locations.
Ngongataha I am concerned about. The Ardmore one, is it the one at Bruce Pullman park. If so, this was done as a private one where we have limited control
The standards show that Dump Stations should be no higher than "25 mm above paved and 100 mm above unpaved" surface.
I have no regard for councils who consider their own regulations and do not abide by the Standards. They soon jump on you if you don't abide by what they consider their regulations and standards.

I agree that they should be on a level where any spillage can be hosed back into the D/S. The problem with this is that the D/S has to be on an un-floodable level site to prevent storm water entering. This would be a bit of a contradiction in some ways so a compromise is often necessary.

I fully agree that any fresh water supply should be as far away from the D/S as possible for the reasons you have given.
Unfortunately the standard does not include fresh water tap/s so location details are up to the installer. Usually with limited input from users.

You will have seen the pic of the new Hatfields beach D/S. This was originally designed to be 150 mm above the road level and would have been another disaster if we hadn't noticed the drawing dimensions when we received the application for 2 pre-cast D/S. The one in Wanaka was originally 213 mm above road level until the road was built up.

 #96454  by Derb
 Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:01 am
Dump Station next to toilet block at 2 mile bay - Taupo. Kawerau next to Bowling Green.
 #96460  by Andrew and Debbie
 Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:37 am
Brian, When we use the dump station at two mile bay in Taupo I drive into the parking place beside the toilet block. And drive the Jeep up the steep grass slope until the back right corner of the caravan is beside the dump point. Then the van is on the right slope so the Grey tank will empty out OK. And the waste outlet on the caravan is quite close to the dump point.

But there is no way that you can use the dump station at all on a busy summer day when the place is full of boat trailers. We have found that the dump station at Kinloch Marina is the same in summer time too.

 #96462  by Teardrop
 Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:54 am
We avoid the Two Mile Bay dump station for the reasons Brian mentioned and driving up that slope as Andrew does would really work the WDH - I am not prepared to do that. We used the DS at the old Taupo Motor Camp just past the Boat Harbour last Tuesday and it worked well - the Wairakei BP DS also works well. But 2 Mile Bay - nah.

As for fresh water. I won't even use one that is within cooee of a DS as I have seen people still use them 20 metres away to rinse their black water cassette. I think they should be totally separate.

 #96465  by Andrew and Debbie
 Fri Jul 17, 2015 11:38 am
Dene, I forgot to mention the bit about disconnecting the WDH springs before attempting that parking trick at two mile bay.

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