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 #149068  by donu
 Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:31 pm
I am finding this quite interesting to follow
We built a house 35 years ago in a Hawkes Bay beachside settlement, we were on a septic tank, just the simple square concrete tank.
what we found was that 1 of our neighbours used a dishwasher etc and all the normal household cleaners, and had to empty their tank every 5 years, another neighbour used a waste disposal and dishwasher etc and had to empty their tank every 2 years.
In those thirty years we did not use all the normal cleaning products, but instead we used , a kettle full of boiling water around the toilet every day or two and treatment with white vinegar occasionally,. For normal kitchen cleaning, we used bicarbonate [baking] soda mixed with a bit of citrus juice [we had a lemon and a couple of mandarin /tangerine trees]. the only residue was a slight citrus smell. or the aforesaid white vinegar.
our laundry was done with warm water washes, and tank friendly wash powders which were low, or no caustic, [unlike 'cold" wash which are pretty much pure caustic]
as said we lived there for thirty years and have not suffered any ill effects from not filling our house with chemicals, the other side effect was that when we left we got the tank cleaned and the bloke said it didn't need doing as it was only about half full. [not bad for 30 years]
needless to say we use the same cleaning regime in our bus,
We still only dump our grey/black at the station, and i think that if for nothing other than perception, that is the way it should be.

cheers Don U
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