#148758  by NeilV
 Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:34 am
How big is your budget :lol:

First thing you need to decide is will you normally be in a campsite (240v hookup) or not (need more batteries and solar)

Start with working out how you’ll use it, then think about what you want to be able to power (laptop, fridge, microwave, coffee machine etc) and then we’ll have a clue what to “guesstimate” for you :TU

For reference, a cheap DIY solar (250W and 100AH battery) with say 6 24v or 12v outlets would likely set you back around a grand... for a “full suite” setup by a sparky with some serious gear (1000W+ solar and 400AH+ lithium batteries and a 240v hookup with a link to your tow rig for charging too) you could easily drop $5,000- $10,000?
 #151625  by Paul-Carter
 Wed May 22, 2019 8:28 pm
It all depends on two things. The first that has been well covered above is your intended use. The other is how much are you prepared to do yourself (both work and shopping around) To get from a 60w panel and a buggered 120 amp hour lead acid battery to 320 AH of agm's 950w of panels and 3000w inverter i estimate my spend at 2.5K tops if you are in Auckland I am happy to walk you through what I have done.
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