List items wanted, for sale or for exchange.
 #173274  by keleri47
 Wed Jun 09, 2021 4:29 pm
Only a small item that Im looking for, the keyed push barrel lock complete in a Thetford access door. Had MH at a "sell on behalf " yard just south of Bombay for a number of months. Did not sell as they lost interest and was a repair they didn't fix. Picked it up and while cleaning it back to an acceptable standard noticed this item was missing. It could have only gone missing by someone opening the door and unscrewing from the inside. Also the rear was damaged with a dent and paint missing. A few other items missing also. No care, no apologies. So Im trying to get this barrel lock without having to buy a complete door. As asked on other posts, do you know of somewhere that has second hand MH pare parts. Auckland area preferably. Thanks
 #173281  by Andycap
 Thu Jun 10, 2021 7:45 am
Hi ,I have a brand new door still in the box sitting here which i`m happy to sell .Was bought for a previous conversion but never used .
Thetford access door 3 .Part no 2680580 . The infill centre panel is already done in white pvc. Complete with 2 keys .Price $50 +postage . If your interested let me know . Cheers Andy .
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