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Wanted: 5/6 berth Motorhome

PostPosted:Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:27 am
by BrettD
Hi all,
We are a family with 3 young kids looking to buy a Motorhome. It needs to sleep at least 5 with seatbelts as well for at least 5.
Would like year 2000 + and lower mileage is better. Particularly interested in Mitsubishi Canters but open to others.
Ideally we would like a back lounge, plenty of water capacity, air conditioning front and rear and drive on car licence. Bonus would be solar/roof rack.
Looking in the $40-60k range we have seen a couple of possibilities so far. No major hurry we would like one for March-ish to use during house reno.
If you are looking at selling anything suitable please get in touch!

Re: Wanted: 5/6 berth Motorhome

PostPosted:Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:35 am
by nicnacnoo23
Hi there, we are selling our 6 berth motorhome, available in May (might be too late). Mileage is higher than you might want but its an amazing vehicle which has needed no maintenance except servicing, starts every time, runs brilliantly. Meets your needs in all other ways I think!!

All the best ... 2585334150