#168840  by muzzo
 Fri Jan 01, 2021 1:01 pm
Personally - I would NEVER just glue anything to the roof of any vehicle. Industry advice is to always securely bolt your panels to underlying framing - not just the surface metal. Some are saying that they have glued theirs and have no trouble - yet! Think what your insurance company might say in the case of an event - where a panel came off and caused damage, or worse to other vehicles and people. Just don't do it - don't glue, even with the super strong stuff others are advising - it is just an accident waiting to happen - and as has been posted, these accidents are not uncommon of glued panels coming off on the highway. I belong to a UK based campervan group - there are some sorry members there who thought they could get away with sing the strongest glue on the market. Ask any professional solar installer - they will set you straight.
 #168844  by David Wallace
 Fri Jan 01, 2021 2:56 pm
I all ways think that the glue maybe strong enough but one has to think what the glue is attached to and in most cases its paint! To keep those solar panels from flying off they would be relying 100% on the paint bond with the surface underneath. I think hard fixing solar panels is the way to go.
 #168869  by david 60
 Sat Jan 02, 2021 10:18 am
Nah Andy, no need to dump the Maserati, call in next time your passing and we'll weld it together.
 #172086  by sjb
 Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:59 pm
hoping there might have been a conclusion or consensus to this thread!

if you are considering gluing and screwing, what screws would you use? metal to metal TEK roofing screws with the rubber grommets? I'll be fixing to a flat panel aluminium
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